Shiro : My Snowball Monster (24 Jan 2009-19 Nov 2010)

Today is supposed to be Shiro’s 2nd birthday.

He was born in 24 Jan 2009 at Tru-luv Meadow Haven, with other 2 kits, Camior and Seychel. Sadly, none of this litter is survived 😦

This is my favorite video of them. The video showing the 3 of them playing and running together :

This is the 1st video of Shiro alone :

He was sent to me by our friends, TJ and D on 28 March 2009.

I fell in love with him the first time i touched him. He was so cute, adorable, playful and full with bunny-tude. I wish i can ‘replay’ that day again and again and again *sigh*

The very last video of my baby, a day before his passing :

And these are some of the last photos of him 😦

His favorite spot under my tv cabinet

Sleeping under the tv cabinet

I wish i could turn back time and do no mistake..

Mommy miss u so much, Shiro 😥

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