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When Mocha showed signs of sickness – not eating, not drinking, pooping or peeing, I couldn’t help myself for being so sad and worried. When i reached home after work last Thursday, i’m getting more panicked to see Mocha was not getting any better. So i gave Mocha another 2ml of simethicone.

And thank God after 1-2 hours later, I saw Mocha hopped into his littertray and…. yayyy i saw some poops!!! Bunny people are weird people eh? πŸ˜‰

Can u see what i see? πŸ˜€

Closed up! :mrgreen:

He also took a bite on a slice of apple, munched his pellets, and take a raisin from my hand.

Yayyy! Yayyy! YAYYY!

And who is more happier than me? Mickybell of course!

Loving couple

And here is the video of a happy bunny who just recovered from his sickness πŸ™‚

Thanks for all the positive vibes sent by my friends in Facebook πŸ˜€
Luv ya! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

Update On Mocha

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

1.30pm, I reached home.

No improvement on Mocha. He is sitting on his littertray in a hunch position. Eyes half close. Nose is not twitching.

I gave another 1ml of Simethicone, 1ml of Nutri Drops and a few pumps of diluted Critical Care.

Be strong, my boy...

Vibes For Mocha

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

My Mocha is not feeling well. I just noticed he is not eating this morning. He just sits quite at one corner, doesn’t make any move. Not even twitching his nose.

Normally when i refill the hay rack, all the bunnies will greet me at their door. But not Mocha today.

I took him out and put him in the playpen. But he just sat quiet on littertray until i moved him back to the cage. No poops in the playpen’s littertray. This is really not a good sign.

Mocha is not eating, drinking, peeing or pooping 😦

I offered him a slice of papaya and his favourite treat, Show Rabbit Feed. He shows no interest. He ignored his favourite raisin too.

No hard tummy. I took him close and listened to his tummy. Some gurgly sound. Stomach upset? Gas maybe?

Luckily we already have the Simethicone in hands. I gave 1ml of RidWind Simethicone at 9am just now. Not forgetting 1.5cm of Benebac Probiotic and a few pumps of Oxbow Critical care. I’m supposed to feed him another doses os Simethicone at 10am and 11 am. But i have to go to work. So i’ll come back during lunch time to feed the medicine again.

Mickybell is doing a great job, grooming and licking Mocha’s face. Giving some moral support for his brother’s speed recovery i guess.

Mommy is soooo worry. Please get well soon, baby..

I’m really worried about Mocha. Please send him some positive vibes. Hope he’ll get back to himself very very soon 😦

Pet Epicure is having a photo contest in Facebook.

I’m entering 1 photo of our Fluffies, Maxie.


And 2 photos of the Purrrrs, Jebat and Memon.



To vote, simply click ‘LIKE’ on Adopt from Pet Epicure’s page. Go to our photos (above), click to go to the direct link, and click ‘LIKE’.
Thanks in advance, voters!

Teeth Loss

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Does your bunny has a bar-chewing habit? If yes, then u have to be careful and always check on the teeth.

I will check on my bunnies condition at least twice a month, during their grooming session.

I was trimming Alfie’s fur and found that some of his hair get into his eyes and his right eye is a bit watery. I was a bit worried to see the matted fur near the watery eyes, so i checked on his teeth. And i found one of his lower incisors was gone!

Matted fur and watery eye

Alfie's missing incisor

I was really worried! So i checked on all my 12 bunnies and found out one of Mocha’s lower incisors was gone too :?.

Mocha's missing incisor

Alfie has a bad habit – bar chewing! I saw he pulled out the metal hay rack i hang in his cage, and tossed it around. Maybe that was how he loss his teeth. But i wonder why Mocha loss his incisor too. Both of them are eating well and love long strand crispy hays. Other than losing their teeth, i found a small lump under Alfie’s chin. But after a few days, the lump was getting smaller and gone. And no more watery eye too!

Small lump under Alfie's chin

After a few weeks, the teeth still never grow back. Mocha does a great job keeping his teeth well-trimmed. No change to the length of his upper incisors everytime i check on his teeth. But unfortunately, Alfie’s upper teeth becomes slightly longer than before.

Alfie's front profile

He loss his peg teeth too.

Alfie's side profile

Alfie really needs a teeth trimming!

I rang all the vets i know. But unfortunately, in Penang there is no vet who to perform teeth burring. They’re still using the old methods – clip the teeth with bone cutter/dog’s nail clipper and file the teeth down.

Luckily we have a rabbit-savvy-vet in Malaysia who can perform teeth burring, but she is in Kuala Lumpur. 4-5 hours driving from Penang.

We’re going to take Alfie to Kuala Lumpur this Sunday. The appointment is on 27 Feb, 11am. We’ll let Dr L checks on Alfie’s teeth first. The teeth burring process needs an anesthetic. If the anesthetic is long enough to make his pass out, we’re thinking about neutering him too.

Please pray for our safe journey, and Alfie’s surgery.

Shiro, I Miss U…

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

I was digging some of photo album folders in my CDs when i accidentally found Shiro’s photo.

Dated on 25 May 2009

He was about 4 months old, free-ranged and loved exploring the house.

Look at the photo. Look at how he managed to climb on the couch and sat on the arm-rest.

I also found a collection of his videos. These are some of them, which i never published before :

Owhhhhh how i miss that boy so much! *sigh* 😦

Remembering Shiro

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Today is supposed to be Shiro’s 2nd birthday.

He was born in 24 Jan 2009 at Tru-luv Meadow Haven, with other 2 kits, Camior and Seychel. Sadly, none of this litter is survived 😦

This is my favorite video of them. The video showing the 3 of them playing and running together :

This is the 1st video of Shiro alone :

He was sent to me by our friends, TJ and D on 28 March 2009.

I fell in love with him the first time i touched him. He was so cute, adorable, playful and full with bunny-tude. I wish i can ‘replay’ that day again and again and again *sigh*

The very last video of my baby, a day before his passing :

And these are some of the last photos of him 😦

His favorite spot under my tv cabinet

Sleeping under the tv cabinet

I wish i could turn back time and do no mistake..

Mommy miss u so much, Shiro πŸ˜₯

Dear all,



I’m helping Bailey to find a loving home. Bailey is a shy boy, neutered buck and he is litter-trained. Please spread the word around and email for more information.

Thank you.

Binkie Bunnies

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Previously, this area was where i placed Shiro’s cage. Shiro (RIP) was a free-range bunny, except when we’re not around to watch him (off to work etc)

Yesterday, I set up a new playpen in the living area. We don’t have much toys for the bunnies in here. So i just furnished the playpen with the toys we have. This playpen is for Mocha & Mickybell. They’re the only couple i trust to occupy this playpen because they’re well-litter-trained. They don’t make a lot of mess compared to the rest. I would love to have Maxie in the playpen with Mocha & Mickybell. Maxie is another well-litter-trained bunny. But too bad, my tempt to bond the 3 of them (they were from the same litter) was failed. I would like to try the bonding process again, but now Maxie is happy with Lara πŸ™‚

Mocha & Mickybell did a lot of binkies as soon as i put them in this playpen.. In case u don’t know how bunnies do their binkies, u should watch this video πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday, 3Ms!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

Today is their special day! Mocha, Mickybell and Maxie turn 3 today! Wooohooo~

To celebrate 3Ms’ third birthday, all of The Fluffies were treated to a small bowl of Beh & Yo Chopped Alfalfa each this very early morning *clap clap clap*

Tonight I’m going to feed all of them a peel-ed red grape and a raisin each. (Can I feed 3 grapes to 3Ms?? :P)

Grapes, any bunn?

Owh ya! 3Ms already received their birthday pressies yesterday night! Vivien from Life Around With My Mini Zoo brought 2 sets of Living World Snap Inn all the way from KL for them! Thanks for their besdeh pressies, Vivien! They love their crates!! Muaaacksssssss~ *kiss kiss kiss*

3Ms in their Living World Snap Inn πŸ™‚

Look at how they’ve grow. They’re no longer small kits, but they always be Mommy’s babies. Love ya 3Ms!

Mr Am also bought the straw balls for them! Toys! More toys!!! Don’t ya bunnehs love toys? 8)

Toys toys toys!