Mocha : Jaw Abscess!

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Inside The Playpen

This is Mocha.

Since 26 Sept, he is having excessive salivation/drooling and he didn’t touch his food. At first, I thought he was having a heatstroke. So i gave him Simethicone and Reglan as the gut stimulant. And syringe feed him with Critical Care too.



On 27th, i found a lump on his left jaw. I gave him 1ml Simethicone, 0.75ml Reglan and 0.3ml Metacam. He looked a bit better after received his Metacam (painkiller/analgesic). Oral Metacam for rabbits is not available in Malaysia. We only have injectable Metacam and there is no way for me to administer the injectable drug.


Today (28 Sept), i took him to Hillpark Vet, Kota Kemuning. He was put under isoflorance anesthetic and vet found out his misalinged molar caused a hole and abscess inside his cheek. Vet cut open his skin and clean his jaw abscess.


Maxie looks very painful tonite. He is sitting at the corner of his cage with eyes half open. Vet has administered Metacam injectable analgesic (too bad we don’t have oral Metacam for bunnies in Malaysia). And I was told the problem will recur, depending on the teeth growing rate. Looks like we have to file down his molar from time to time.


Please pray for Mocha’s speed recovery. Crossing fingers and paws, hoping miracles will happen, no more misalinged molar, and no more cut to his cheek again.

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