Kitty Crack Plant

Posted: May 12, 2013 in The Purrrrs

Have u ever introduced any Kitty Crack plant to your plant?

A lot of this wild shrubs plant are found in my apartment compound. The scientific name is Acalypha Indica. Locally known as ‘Pokok Kucing Galak’ in Malaysia.


Cats simply love the scent from the roots and give them a weird reaction, as if they are high! But not all cats will respond to this plant, especially the kittens.

I pulled it out to the root and brought it home for The Purrrrs.


And how is their respond to this plant? Taraaaa~





The others, especially the kittens just sniff and exploring the plant. But i think this plant gives a pleasure and relax feeling to our 12-years old cat, Chimoneng.

Chimoneng chewed and rubbed herself to the plant’s root.  And she is drooling while enjoying this behavior. Weird!



I made some reading and found out that Acalypha Indica also known as Indian herb and used to treat various diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. It is also used to cure toothache, earache and useful in speedy laxative. The roots of acalypha indica are cathartic, leaves are used to cure scabies and snake bite. Acalypha Indica leave past is mainly applied on burns and power is used for bed sores and maggot infested wounds. Wow, this is a new info for me 😉

Ok, next time i will try to find Nepeta Cataria (locally known as Catnip/Catmint) plant and see how The Purrrrs respond to it 😉


  1. KatzTales says:

    Good to see you all having fun! BTW, we’re featuring you on today.

  2. Whisppy says:

    I’ve never heard of this plant before. How interesting!

    Yes, you should try planting the nepeta cataria. That’s the “real catnip”. Catmint is nepeta mussinii (which isn’t as potent). I found out after buying a packet of seeds that couldn’t decide what it was because the packet said it was Catnip, then Cat Grass, Catmint and later, Nepeta Mussinii. LOL.

    Nice to meet all your furries!

  3. Whisppy says:

    Nope, that plant you saw on my blog was actually the Nepeta Mussinii. The cats weren’t overly crazy about it. They prefer silvervine (have you tried those? you can get them from Daiso). The plant grows easily and was thriving until those awful whiteflies killed it. I managed to get some Nepeta Cataria seeds so will be planting them soon (when the weather isn’t so crazy hot). 🙂

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