Bad Bad Teeth! Go Away!

Posted: May 5, 2013 in The Purrrrs
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Flubby was drooling last night. So i checked on her. 




Her right canine teeth are lose and protruding out. And her upper gum is swollen.


Bad bad teeth!! 😦

I took Flubby to the Hope Veterinary Clinic in Penang Island this morning. The doctor said the teeth might have broken due to an impact such as banged into the wall etc.

Flubby was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome and Diabetic last year by Honey Vet Clinic in Bangi. And because of that, the Hope vets are not confident to do any surgery on her. According to Dr Tina, the surgery might increase her glucose level during/after surgery and might expose her to possible complication. Dr Tina adviced us to go to KL and look for a vet who can perform safe teeth extraction on Flubby. But if i insist to do the surgery at their clinic, Dr Tina needs to order some special antibiotics and other medicine for Flubby.

I called Dr Pavabakaran who performed catheterization on Jebat last 2 weeks. But the vet was close and asked us to come on Monday. In the meanwhile, Dr Pava adviced me to get the Bonjela gel to sooth her swelling gum.


 She looks painful and uncomfortable. She tries to pull off her teeth with her paws.


She sleeps with her tongue out and still drooling.


 Despite of her pain, i think she still be able to enjoy her sleep. Crossing fingers that her situation doesn’t get worse until we manage to see Dr Pava this Monday.


Please pray for my baby Flubby. 

  1. Brian says:

    Poor sweetie, we are all sending our very best purrs.

  2. Poor kitty. We hope the vet on Monday will be able to help Flubby right away.

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