Fat Fat Flubby

Posted: August 5, 2011 in The Purrrrs

"Ok mom, do i need to wear this?"

It is XL size. But i still can see her tummy 😛

And she is having a problem to move in that tshirt


"Ahah. Now better ~"

  1. naz says:

    flubby needs triple xl size! lol
    *gomol2 flubby*

  2. bella says:

    ish2… flubby.. flubby..

  3. with or without cloth, kamu masih comel..

  4. MOL, what a tummy! “We’re Having A Competition! And Update On Target” http://blog.lepak.com/2011/08/were-having-competition-and-update-on.html

  5. meowwmania says:

    ahahahahah…kesiannya flubby

    kejam mak kamu ni taw ;D

    flubby mok mok bln pose ni leh lar try kuruskan bdn tu ekk hakhak~

  6. BoBo Salem says:

    u must try bigger size :p

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