Farewell, Sweet Moris….

Posted: July 23, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Moris was pregnant.

I only realized it after touched her tummy 2 weeks ago. Can felt the nipples bulging and bigger than usual. The tummy was getting bigger and bigger each day.

Thursday nite (14 July 2011), i felt her tummy is suddenly smaller than the days before. Panicked!

So on Saturday morning (16 July 2011), i took Moris for ultrasound to check her tummy.

The result : Moris and the babies were healthy. I saw the 2 babies – bones and skeletons and their heart beatings. Crossed my fingers that Moris will delivers her babies safely. And hope all the babies will born healthily.

I didn’t took take any photo of her in the vet’s treatment room. I was too busy helping the 2 vets holding her for the ultrasound process. I only have her photos during our 45 minutes journey home after the treatment:


Are we home yet? No?

Nothing amused me

*idea.. idea*

Ahah! Maybe i shud explore a bit

Wowwww.. too fast too purrrrious!

Hey! Don't talk on the phone while driving, human!

*rubbing the human*


Ok, he won't listen to me, mommy!

I better sit on mommy's lap


Ehh?? I can't see more view from here

How about here?

Ok, I think here is better spot!


That was last week….

Yesterday when i reached home at 8pm, i saw Moris was soaked with blood. I called the nearest vet, but she was not available. I drove to Gills Vet Clinic in Penang Island, but there were too many pets looking for treatment. And they have some emergency cases too. So i called the vet who performed neutering to all my bunnies. He accepted the emergency surgery. So i went to him.

She was calm when i saw her soaked in the blood.
She was calm on the way to the vet. Rubbing her head to my hand.
She was calm when i put her on the surgery table.

She was a bit nervous when i left the room to go to the toilet.
But calm again as she saw me came toward her and sat by her side.

The vet did the emergency surgery to save the babies. He gave the injectable anesthetic and Moris vomited twice before she passed out.

Blood was everywhere.

She vomited. Vomited her pain. Blood was everywhere….

The vet said the is an infection in her uterus. One of the 2 babies soaked in pus. Both were not survive 😦

I see 2 beautiful babies. Beautiful, but pale and cold.
I buried. I buried them deep inside of my heart.

We reached home around 11.30pm.

My heart ripped seeing her lying like this 😦

But she didn’t recover from the anesthetic.

She left us at 1.10am.

RIP, my sweet Moris. U will be missed…

My heart is still aching.

I can feel the severe pain inside.

Hurt like hell.

Dear God, please take this pain away as i can’t bear it anymore~

  1. divakitty says:

    Hugs, purrs and nose bumps from all if us.

  2. Milia Amran says:

    sorry to hear abt ur Morris….RIP Morris..

    -Milia Amran

  3. So sorry for the loss of your lovely Moris and her babies. Purrs and wags.

  4. sillylupie says:

    No words will comfort you at this point of time …
    Please do not be hard on yourself, you’ve provided yr best to Moris.
    Sometimes, it is just fated…

  5. Deeply sorry for your lost, I know how much it hurts, words can’t take away that pain~ 😦

  6. kakakkatak says:

    so sorry for the loss………….. m crying.RIP moris :(( b strong i know how its feel

  7. naz says:

    so sorry for your loss…
    be strong …

  8. Cassie says:

    oh no… 😦 im so sorry for your loss….:( hugs and purrs baby…Morris won’t suffer anymore…and take comfort in knowing you did all you could to save Morris….its ok…its over…let go but dont forget…keep her and her babies in your heart always…

  9. luq says:

    sorry and takziah..i am sure moris had a beautiful life with u..and sure she is thankful to have u in her life..

  10. kimora yusof says:

    Damailah dia di sana di sisiNya Tuhan…

  11. yusz chomei says:

    RIP moris & kitties….sabar ye nerq…anak2 bulus cuma dipinjamkan pada kte tuk sementara sahaja…damailah kamu disana….

  12. grOundnUt says:

    sabar yer Nerq..dia datang dan pergi…kita hanya mampu merancang..hanya tuhan yang menentukan…RIP Morris..@_@

  13. meowwmania says:

    ya Allah sedihnya 😦

    terkejut bila dgr berita nih….lgsg tak tahu citer sbb dah lama tak online fb

    tabahkan hati yer nerq pasti Morris tenang di sana bersama anak-anaknya..

  14. mrs azmi says:

    i can feel the pain too… RIP Morris…

  15. Diya says:

    Im crying…so sad 😦 really sad…

  16. vee says:

    so sorry for ur loss. bergenang mata.. hope u be strong..

  17. Blackie Bond says:

    OMG!!! I’m so sorry, S, I just saw this post….words cannot describe the horror when I saw the pictures and read your story….OMG….I can only imagine what you must have gone through…. {{{hugs}}}

    Poor, poor, sweet Morris….RIP, Morris, even though we did not know you, our hearts weep for you just the same.

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