Mommy Do Shopping, The Purrrrs Do Checking

Posted: June 7, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Inspector on duty *Snifff.. snifff..*

Common scenery when i reach home with shopping bags

Can u spot the boys?

Closer photo. And where is Memon?

"Naaahh.. I'll let the boys do the job," *lazy mode*

  1. bella says:

    amboi mummy…
    shopping sakan..
    byk sgt beg.. diorg check la kot2 ade new toys tok diorg.. hehe

  2. Brian says:

    It really is so much fun to do the inspecting!!!

  3. Oh yeah, the fur face inspectors are here – and they confiscate HAM!

  4. meowwmania says:

    hehe..samalah situasi kat sini, pantang kalau kita bawak balik paperbag kdg tu ingin gak nak simpan tapi nan hadoo jelah tak sempat simpan dah koyak rabak dikejekan bebudak tu 😀

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