Farewell Chepard

Posted: May 9, 2011 in The Little Critters

Remember our chipmunks, Chepard & Chip?

Chepard was not feeling well since the last 3 weeks so Mr Am took him home so that i can nurse him. I’ve been force-feeding him for the last few days, but Chepard’s condition was getting worse day by day due to his old age, i guess. He was about 7 years old.

He lost his appetite and badly dehydrated. His tears kept coming from his eyes before his passing.

He left us on 1.40am, 2 May 2011, with me beside him all the night..

RIP, little Chepard ~

He was the longest pet lived with us. 7 years with full of joy and great memories. Hop free to Rainbow Bridge, little one. You will be missed.

  1. Feeza says:

    RIP dear lit. Chepard…..so sad….

  2. Brian says:

    Handsome little Chepard, you brought such joy while you were here. Now it is time to play at the Bridge. You will be loved and remembered forever.

    • sillylupie says:

      Chepard, now, jump high and be happy at the Bridge – where all animals are friends and love is abundance.
      Your memories here will live on and remembered forever.

  3. Yes, even the little rodents can make a place in our hearts. We’re sorry for the loss of Chepard.

  4. Chika says:

    Rest in peace dear Chepard.

    So sorry for ur loss… 😦

  5. meowwmania says:

    RIP Chepard sayang…

  6. grOundnUt says:

    R.I.P Chepard…such a lovely chipmunk…

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