Flub Flub Flubby

Posted: May 3, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Mommy took another new Purrrrs home. A 4-5 years old Purrrrs. Big sister, mommy said. Yeah, she is big and has the biggest tummy than the rest of us. Mommy said she had a big hernia on her left tummy before. It has been repaired but the vet advised her to be indoor and restrict her movement as the hernia can easily comes back. That is why Mommy decided to take care of her and make her a part of our family.

Flubby. Fat and chubby!

Sleeping Flubby

Look at how she sleep and her big tummy. This is her first day here. Mommy snapped her photo with Mommy’s new camera. Mommy snapped our photos too.. Taraaaa~

Handsome me, Jebat Cullen

Memon (also known as Bella-Mon :P)

Bellack Kupusamy

Flubby loves to sleep on our pink bed, and our couch too.

Took over our pink bed with no guilty!

Flubby took over Memon’s favourite spot.

Lazying on Memon's favourite spot

And Memon is very angry!

U jump up here again, i kick u. U see my leg?

Mommy said it is ok to share. But Memon was not agree, so she hid herself on the cabinet. Sulking. Oh poor Memon. She did not even turn when Mommy called her name.

Memon's sulking butt!

Mommy said she hope things will be ok and all of us can be purrrriend very soon. Purrrr~

  1. Vivien says:

    wow a new cat..cool….

    the last one is that a brown colour cat…with his butt facing hahaha..
    wondering how to see so many stuff…

    cute cute cute!

  2. Chika says:

    Comel memon merajuk…

    Flubby such a lucky cat. so pretty… be nice to your new family k dear flubby…

  3. sillylupie says:

    Kupusamy? Hahahahhah!!!
    Flubby is lovely and very lucky indeed!!
    Share your mommy’s love ya … she’s got a big heart you know!
    Kind, big, gentle heart!

  4. meowwmania says:

    hehehe…cian Memon

    dia tak suka kot mommy dia bwk balik kcg lain, sebab tu dia larikan diri merajok

    mcm kcg kita si ibu Bulat pon camtu dia langsung tak nak masuk rumah duduk, makan, tido kat atas rak kasut kat luar rmh huhuu

  5. sri kenanga sufi says:

    rasa nk geget je flubby.. dia comelllllllllll… n memang warne dia unik… hehehehehe…
    tp aksi memon lg kiut.. bhg derang dok ngn mama derang.. 🙂

  6. rosejaejoong says:

    flubby is soooo cute….

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