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Farewell Chepard

Posted: May 9, 2011 in The Little Critters

Remember our chipmunks, Chepard & Chip?

Chepard was not feeling well since the last 3 weeks so Mr Am took him home so that i can nurse him. I’ve been force-feeding him for the last few days, but Chepard’s condition was getting worse day by day due to his old age, i guess. He was about 7 years old.

He lost his appetite and badly dehydrated. His tears kept coming from his eyes before his passing.

He left us on 1.40am, 2 May 2011, with me beside him all the night..

RIP, little Chepard ~

He was the longest pet lived with us. 7 years with full of joy and great memories. Hop free to Rainbow Bridge, little one. You will be missed.

Flub Flub Flubby

Posted: May 3, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Mommy took another new Purrrrs home. A 4-5 years old Purrrrs. Big sister, mommy said. Yeah, she is big and has the biggest tummy than the rest of us. Mommy said she had a big hernia on her left tummy before. It has been repaired but the vet advised her to be indoor and restrict her movement as the hernia can easily comes back. That is why Mommy decided to take care of her and make her a part of our family.

Flubby. Fat and chubby!

Sleeping Flubby

Look at how she sleep and her big tummy. This is her first day here. Mommy snapped her photo with Mommy’s new camera. Mommy snapped our photos too.. Taraaaa~

Handsome me, Jebat Cullen

Memon (also known as Bella-Mon :P)

Bellack Kupusamy

Flubby loves to sleep on our pink bed, and our couch too.

Took over our pink bed with no guilty!

Flubby took over Memon’s favourite spot.

Lazying on Memon's favourite spot

And Memon is very angry!

U jump up here again, i kick u. U see my leg?

Mommy said it is ok to share. But Memon was not agree, so she hid herself on the cabinet. Sulking. Oh poor Memon. She did not even turn when Mommy called her name.

Memon's sulking butt!

Mommy said she hope things will be ok and all of us can be purrrriend very soon. Purrrr~

I’ve created a page in Facebook called KUCING TERBIAR & ANJING JALANAN (KTAJ) (Abandoned Cats & Stray Dogs). It is a small community of animal lovers online, who share a same passion and helping each other in rescuing abandoned animals, preventing stray population, promoting neutering campaign, volunteering activities and many more.

With the help of our panel vet, Honey Vet Clinic, we have doing good so far and hope we will expand our activity work soon.

For those who have joined our commnity page in FB, u guys might be familiar with our first rescued cat, Flubby. She is now staying with me and The Purrrrs and The Fluffies in Penang.

For those who would like read more about our community page, kindly visit KTAJ blog. I’ve to apologise as the blog is created in Bahasa Melayu and i’m too fully-handed to translate them in English. Soooorrrrryyyyy 😉

I also one of the members of Malaysian Dogs Deserved Better (MDDB) & Malaysian Cat Care Project (MCCP) for Northern Region, based in Penang.

I will focus more on my own community group, but i will help MDDB & MCCP with their activity and adoption drive if the time allows me 😉

For those who would like to help, become volunteer, or donate to KTAJ and MDDB & MCCP Northern, kindly contact us here:

KTAJ Facebook or email us at nicoty_yne at yahoo dot com.
MDDB & MCCP Northern Facebook
Or email us at mddb.mccp at gmail dot com.

Thanks! 😀