Still Hoping

Posted: April 3, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Memon has been missing for 5 days and 5 nights today. We’re still hoping she will comes back very soon. I’m so worry about her. She does not eat any other than kibbles. She must be very starving now 😥

Please get home soon, Memon. We miss u so much.

Jebat is not feeling well. He is waiting for u days and nights since u left.

He’s waiting u at the same place u escaped.

He tries to help Mommy looking for u. But he is too afraid to go far from the main grill.

A few days before u went missing, Mommy saw u looking at this peach-colored male cat outside our house.

He does visiting us after u gone. In case u went away with this boy, Mommy hope u will come back very soon.

We will keep waiting for u, Memon 😦

  1. m4rilyn says:

    dear Memon, aunty,Misty,Freeway n Momoe pray for u too

  2. bella says:

    memon… please come back..
    dont make your mom sad..
    im sad too

  3. sharz says:

    sedihnye bace…still hoping memon will back… =(((
    kalau kite duduk area situ mesti dah tolong cari memon…
    dah advertise missing cat??maybe someone pernah nampak memon kat mane2…

    • thefluffies says:

      Dah Sharz. Mommy posted up Memon’s posters kat lift lobby and post box. And Mommy dah panggil² memon dari tingkat atas sampai paling bawah setiap hari 😦

  4. Brian says:

    I so sad too and sending many purrs for a safe journey home, quickly.

  5. Have you tried walking outside at a quiet time of day, like 2AM, when there is no traffic and no people, and calling for her? During the day she may be too afraid of noises and be hiding but at quiet times she will hear you and come. Try walking around your home, then walk in circles around your place, going further and further out. Go as far as 1 km or 2 km seeing it’s been 5 days. If you usually rattle the kibbles when you feed her, take some with you. And call consistently and don’t walk too fast as she may not believe what she’s hearing at first. Good luck!

  6. meowwmania says:

    nerq sabar yer…tabahkan hati

    faham sgt perasaan nerq

    kita doakan yg baik-baik utk Memon, semoga Memon jmpa jalan pulang dan smoga dia sentiasa dilindungi oleh-Nya

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