Memon Is Missing For The 4th Time!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in The Purrrrs

All my pets are indoor. I never let them out. But Memon always find a way sneak out and make me worried and (pissed off?)

1) She fall down from the pantry. I found her landing on the lower floor’s air-cond bay.

2) She sneaked out from the pantry grill. I found her up-stair after i heard she cried out. Since then i layered a net around the grill, tighten with cable ties so that she wont escape again.

3) I don’t know how but she managed to escape. Found her at the emergency staircase in front of my house.

4) She’s missing again. 2 cable ties i use to attached the net to the grill is gone. Either someone cut them, or Memon managed to cut them herself. I don’t know.

She has been with me for 3 years. She has been missing for a few hours now.

No matter how she escaped and where she is at the moment, i hope she can find a way back to our home.

  1. Brian says:

    I sure home she finds her way back to you. My sisters and I all have our paws crossed.

  2. Insya Allah, Memon akan jumpa jalan balik..akak doakan, semuga semuanya selamat…

  3. We hope Memon will be back soon!

  4. bella says:

    memon.. noty gurl.. buat bg mummy susah hati..
    harap memon can find her way back home as soon as possible!

  5. sharz says:

    InSyALLAH die akan balik..panggil2 die n cari sampai jumpe tau..kadang2 die main-main pastu sesat…bile dgr suara kite die akan notice..

  6. Nicole says:

    Oh, no! It sounds like you did everything you could – some pets are insistent, aren’t they? What kind of animal is Memon? I’ll be thinking of him (or her?) and hoping she (or he?) returns home safely. Best wishes.

  7. Chika Chikot says:

    Shian memon. hope dia cepat pulang…

  8. meowwmania says:

    memon…cepat lah pulang aunty meow pon risau dgn keadaan kamu 😦

    aunty doakan smoga kamu selamat walau di mana berada, dan smoga kamu dpt cari jalan pulang, amin..

    nerq dear…kita doakan yg baik-baik saja yer..

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