Alfie’s Vet Appointment

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Alfie’s dental appointment with Dr L from Hill Park Veterinary, Kota Kemuning. We were supposed to take him for teeth trimming. And since he is not neutered yet, we decided to snip him too πŸ™‚

The appointment was on 27 Feb 2011. I was about to write about this appointment a few days later, but was too busy with some works and have not much time to make a long post.

Here is Alfie’s handsome look, a few hours before the long journey.

Well-groomed bunneh!

I gave him 1ml of Nutri-drops multivitamin.

I make the grumpy bunny swallow it all πŸ˜€

Knowing that he will not drink and eat during the stressful and long journey, I gave him about 0.5mg (2cm) of Benebac.

A must have 1st aid kit! Benebac Probiotic πŸ˜€

I also want to thank my online friend who helped me get my first aid kit from a vet in Singapore. Thanks a lot Cecilia Leong! And thanks to the vet from The Joyous Vet, Singapore :mrgreen:

Nice and cute paperbag from TJV..

What is inside the paperbag? Taraaaa….!

Electrolyte for the bunnehs~

RidWind Baby Drops Simethicone from Guardian! Finally!!

And i always make sure i have at least a pack of Oxbow Critical Care and other treats at home.

Critical Care and treats for emergency.

We drove off from Penang at 4am in the morning and reach Kl at 8.30am. The vet had an emergency in that morning. We met her at 11.30am. She briefed us about the procedure, and it took her about 45 minutes to done the surgery.

I was sooo nervous till i forgot to snap photo during the Penang to KL journey and inside the clinic.

After the surgery, we waited for another 45minutes to see Alfie’s progress before took him home.

Here is the photo i snapped on the way home.

My good boy

I have a video too:

And this is the photo of Alfie soon as we reached home.

Settling down himself

The good news is, Alfie didn’t show any sign of pain n stress due to the surgery at all. Unlike the other 4 bunnies i neutered in Penang. I couldn’t see any suture sticking out at his sacks. Different method compared to the ones we did on Dino, Mocha, Maxie and Achilles maybe. But of course the next day we found the sacks swollen, but now they slowly shrinking and getting smaller.

Swollen sacks, the next day after the surgery

The sacks are getting smaller and soon they will be gone πŸ™‚

Alfie would like to thanks all who pray for our journey to KL πŸ™‚

Healthy bunny is a happy bunny πŸ˜€

Luv ya~ β™₯

  1. Isn’t both the doctors amazing?! They are the best!!!!

  2. cocojune says:

    Nico, u r the perfect bunneh mama that i have ever met πŸ™‚

  3. Poor boy. I hope he’s 100% now? And ready to romance the ladies without consequences!

  4. Nissa says:

    Alfie has the cutest bunneh nose!!! I want to picit2…

    Btw, my rabbit sometimes get gas and stomach ache, but only last for a couple of hours, but it worries me ALOT. Is there anywhere I can buy baby simethicone drops in Malaysia?

    • thefluffies says:

      Yes, we have Simethicone in Malaysia. But not in liquid form. They come in pill/tablet form. U can get them online from FB – Nextage Pharmacy in PJ. I spare an extra bottle. Let me know if u need one. I have some frens in Johor who always visit Singapore in weekends. Ridwind only cost RM14 per bottle.

  5. Hi, Alfie… Buat gigi, yer…tentu tambah hensem nanti…

  6. meowwmania says:

    alhamdulillah dah selamat..

    ngeri tgk mende tu bengkak cam belon huhuu..

  7. Nicole says:

    Wow, such a procedure! Great post – you take such good care of your animals, and it’s really instructive, too. Glad to hear Alfie’s doing well =:)

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