Contest : Kucing Paling Comel (Cutest Cat)

Posted: March 13, 2011 in The Purrrrs

ApisV3 Blogspot is running a KUCING PALING COMEL contest (Cutest Cat Contest) on his blog.

The terms are :
1) Upload a photo in a new post and put CONTEST KUCING PALING COMEL as the title. And link the post to ApisV3 Blogspot.
2) Any cat photo is accepted, including stray cats around the neighborhood🙂
3) Put the link in the comments column here.
4) ‘Follow’ the blog (click ‘follow’ tab in the Follower box)
5) Tag 3 other blogs who might interested to join this contest

The winner will get RM50 in return. Equal to our 3 bags of 10L Mango Cat Litter Sand!😛

Very simple eh? So here we go! This is the cutest photo of Memon. This was her first shot. Remember my post Bonding Kitties #1?

Memon's first photo shot🙂

Cute issit?:mrgreen:

And we would like tag 3 other new cat blogger friends who might interested to join this contest too🙂
1) Meowwmania
2) Cik Tedi
3) Sunyi Sepi (ehem, tak payah susah² bukak kamus, kan.. sebab blog tu blog Malay. Larikkkkkkk!)

  1. apisv2 says:

    time kasih sbb join contest nie;)

  2. Oh what a cutie! You’re going to win!

  3. Chika says:

    kiutnye kitte… nyeowww…

  4. grOundnUt says:

    hahahaha…macam nak jOin je…^^

  5. meowwmania says:

    oh! lambat skit buat tgh outstation huhu…ada tarikh tutup ke ekk…?

  6. Mira Sicon says:

    comel nyer.. macam nk bela je tapi kat umah dh ada banyak kuching

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