Vibes For Mocha

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

My Mocha is not feeling well. I just noticed he is not eating this morning. He just sits quite at one corner, doesn’t make any move. Not even twitching his nose.

Normally when i refill the hay rack, all the bunnies will greet me at their door. But not Mocha today.

I took him out and put him in the playpen. But he just sat quiet on littertray until i moved him back to the cage. No poops in the playpen’s littertray. This is really not a good sign.

Mocha is not eating, drinking, peeing or pooping 😦

I offered him a slice of papaya and his favourite treat, Show Rabbit Feed. He shows no interest. He ignored his favourite raisin too.

No hard tummy. I took him close and listened to his tummy. Some gurgly sound. Stomach upset? Gas maybe?

Luckily we already have the Simethicone in hands. I gave 1ml of RidWind Simethicone at 9am just now. Not forgetting 1.5cm of Benebac Probiotic and a few pumps of Oxbow Critical care. I’m supposed to feed him another doses os Simethicone at 10am and 11 am. But i have to go to work. So i’ll come back during lunch time to feed the medicine again.

Mickybell is doing a great job, grooming and licking Mocha’s face. Giving some moral support for his brother’s speed recovery i guess.

Mommy is soooo worry. Please get well soon, baby..

I’m really worried about Mocha. Please send him some positive vibes. Hope he’ll get back to himself very very soon 😦

  1. bella says:

    dear mocha,
    get well soon ya.

  2. Chika says:

    Semoga cepat sembuh sayang… Sian Mocha
    Susah hati Mommy dia

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