Update On Mocha

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

1.30pm, I reached home.

No improvement on Mocha. He is sitting on his littertray in a hunch position. Eyes half close. Nose is not twitching.

I gave another 1ml of Simethicone, 1ml of Nutri Drops and a few pumps of diluted Critical Care.

Be strong, my boy...

  1. Cocojune says:

    Coco n June are sending vibes to mocha bun, be strong n recover fast ya…

  2. sillylupie says:

    Get well soon mocha baby

  3. Chika Chikot says:

    Poor boy…
    be strong like ur mommy ok…

  4. Brian says:

    I’m sending soft purrs to you sweet Mocha, please get well soon.

  5. Macamaner Mocha hari ni..? semuga terus sehat, ok sayang…

  6. meowwmania says:

    terbaca kat status fb nerq td, mocha dah start makan n poop..harap mocha akan kembali sihat seperti sediakala

    Mocha mamam yer…mocha gud boy kann cayanggg dia muahhh!!

  7. PhatLady says:

    hi /Salam Nerq…chumelnyer Mocha.. dah lame dah teringin nak bela bebit..
    tp xde space kat umh…. heheheh

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