Teeth Loss

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Does your bunny has a bar-chewing habit? If yes, then u have to be careful and always check on the teeth.

I will check on my bunnies condition at least twice a month, during their grooming session.

I was trimming Alfie’s fur and found that some of his hair get into his eyes and his right eye is a bit watery. I was a bit worried to see the matted fur near the watery eyes, so i checked on his teeth. And i found one of his lower incisors was gone!

Matted fur and watery eye

Alfie's missing incisor

I was really worried! So i checked on all my 12 bunnies and found out one of Mocha’s lower incisors was gone too :?.

Mocha's missing incisor

Alfie has a bad habit – bar chewing! I saw he pulled out the metal hay rack i hang in his cage, and tossed it around. Maybe that was how he loss his teeth. But i wonder why Mocha loss his incisor too. Both of them are eating well and love long strand crispy hays. Other than losing their teeth, i found a small lump under Alfie’s chin. But after a few days, the lump was getting smaller and gone. And no more watery eye too!

Small lump under Alfie's chin

After a few weeks, the teeth still never grow back. Mocha does a great job keeping his teeth well-trimmed. No change to the length of his upper incisors everytime i check on his teeth. But unfortunately, Alfie’s upper teeth becomes slightly longer than before.

Alfie's front profile

He loss his peg teeth too.

Alfie's side profile

Alfie really needs a teeth trimming!

I rang all the vets i know. But unfortunately, in Penang there is no vet who to perform teeth burring. They’re still using the old methods – clip the teeth with bone cutter/dog’s nail clipper and file the teeth down.

Luckily we have a rabbit-savvy-vet in Malaysia who can perform teeth burring, but she is in Kuala Lumpur. 4-5 hours driving from Penang.

We’re going to take Alfie to Kuala Lumpur this Sunday. The appointment is on 27 Feb, 11am. We’ll let Dr L checks on Alfie’s teeth first. The teeth burring process needs an anesthetic. If the anesthetic is long enough to make his pass out, we’re thinking about neutering him too.

Please pray for our safe journey, and Alfie’s surgery.

  1. umi-e says:

    As salam… thanks for your visit 🙂

    *we pray and purr Alfie will get well… take care

  2. Papa Hero says:

    ph tak berani pegang arnab sebenarnya sbb pernah kena gigit masa kecik2 dulu…tp ph tetap sukakannya sebab ia makhluk yg comel…

    panjang betul gigi dia…

  3. Papa Hero says:

    yang datang lepas yg pergi tu tetap tak akan sama….kan…?

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