Cutest Pet Contest by Pet Epicure

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Pet Epicure is having a photo contest in Facebook.

I’m entering 1 photo of our Fluffies, Maxie.


And 2 photos of the Purrrrs, Jebat and Memon.



To vote, simply click ‘LIKE’ on Adopt from Pet Epicure’s page. Go to our photos (above), click to go to the direct link, and click ‘LIKE’.
Thanks in advance, voters!

  1. iKaH says:

    salam kat jebat tue yer…wah mermon…ada stoking…nak pinjam leh…?

  2. meowwmania says:

    hello hello! aunty meoww dah vote okeh 😉

  3. Brian says:

    Those really are cute pictures, I’ll go see if I can figure out how to vote!

  4. Mata Jebat, bulatnyer… sesuai dgn namanya. Jebat pendekar Malaya, yahoooo….

  5. sharz says:

    jebat n memon is so cute and mottie too!!!!!!!!!! =D

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