Posted: January 31, 2011 in The Purrrrs

I just got my annual bonus.

Instead of grabbing 6kg Sun-cured Timothy Hay for The Fluffies from Chubby Pets Garden, I also managed to get a pack of Blackwood breeder pack *clap clap clap*

6 kg of Sun-cured Timothy Hay for the Fluffies

24 kg of Blackwood Adult Cat kibbles! :mrgreen:

The cats were fighting to be the first one to taste the kibbles πŸ™‚

Can u see the 2 cats fighting?? They're Memon & Jebat

This big pack should be lasts for 3-4 months

A lot of kibbles for 3 kitties!

Close up pic?

Yummy eh? *drool*

While Memon and Jebat were busy with the fighting, Bellack was helping himself with a bowl of Blackwood kibbles πŸ™‚

Nom nom nom~

They’re officially changed from Science Plan to Blackwood πŸ™‚

  1. bella says:

    best nyer tgk!

  2. adem n cats says:

    just nak share, masa saya bawa Garfield dekat Hospital Veterinar UPM, doc ada cakap kalo kasi mkn blackwood dia suggest kasi minum air byk coz kalo kurang senang dapat skit buah pinggang…

  3. sillylupie says:

    Blackwood is good, poo is less “fragrant” … hehehee
    But, do watch out for constipation.

    My Onion gets badly constipated when on Blackwood.
    You can try to mix with a little bit of Friskies if it does happen.

    • thefluffies says:

      Currently I’m still mix their kibbles with the old kibbles (sc plan). I will slowly introduce wet food in their diet. Any sugggestion? They said Quit cat food is not bad. have u tried?

      • sillylupie says:

        Quit cat food doesn’t have the “jelly” that my cats love.
        Quit is like smashed up tuna, with very little ikan bilis and in brine.

        However, if I do spoil them, I go for Smart Heart – selling at RM 2.90 for big can at TESCO, used to be RM 2.69!!

        P:S : Anyway, my budget does not permit for wet food at the moment (poor kitties – hahahah!!)

      • sillylupie says:

        But, if ’em masters are into Chicken.
        Occasional microwaved chicken-breast meat is best!
        Natural and delicious!

  4. meowwmania says:

    blackwood iz yummeh!! meOww~

  5. farahD says:

    Akak dpt award for stylish bliog under pets hehe nnti amik tag oke =D and pass to others who deserves it as well =D

  6. stellasia says:

    hey u, beli dgn sape bw ni?
    i pon nk beli pos lah for my babies. any contact x?

  7. grOundnUt says:

    Macam blackwood ja kaler dia kan…^^’

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