Remembering Shiro

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Today is supposed to be Shiro’s 2nd birthday.

He was born in 24 Jan 2009 at Tru-luv Meadow Haven, with other 2 kits, Camior and Seychel. Sadly, none of this litter is survived 😦

This is my favorite video of them. The video showing the 3 of them playing and running together :

This is the 1st video of Shiro alone :

He was sent to me by our friends, TJ and D on 28 March 2009.

I fell in love with him the first time i touched him. He was so cute, adorable, playful and full with bunny-tude. I wish i can ‘replay’ that day again and again and again *sigh*

The very last video of my baby, a day before his passing :

And these are some of the last photos of him 😦

His favorite spot under my tv cabinet

Sleeping under the tv cabinet

I wish i could turn back time and do no mistake..

Mommy miss u so much, Shiro 😥

  1. Vivien Lim says:

    awww he is so cute…..i miss him too…wish he could be longer …are you hearing us shiro..we miss you so much……..

  2. Brian says:

    That was a very loving tribute to the sweet little Shiro. Purrs and hugs.

  3. cocojune says:

    some relationship are meant to be short. however, this is not important, the most important is shiro enjoy so much love from you.

  4. So sad isn’t it? Purring for you

  5. meowwmania says:

    ya Allah kiutnya dorang masa kecik….

    mesti sedih bila ingat ingat camtu kan…lebih2 lg bila tgk gmbr, tgk video mesti terkenang balik *bergenang air mata

    sabar yer nerq…kalau shiro boleh berkata-kata mesti dia ucapkan terima kasih yg tak terhingga sbb sudi jaga dan beri kasih sayang pd dia

    be strong dear…

  6. C. says:

    aww so sad!

    thoughts are with you!

  7. sillylupie says:

    Such a beautiful loving tribute …

    Shiro lived well under your care. I’m sure he’s beaming with pride telling all the other angels how lucky he was / is (as you continue to love him ..) and Shiro being the little angel will now look after you from heaven. You’ll be blessed in all ways.

  8. bunnychoy says:

    Shiro had a wonderful time filling with your love… And under your care… His memory will always there in our heart… Remember the sweet & happiness that he shared… Little bunnies share our feeling, they binkies if we are in joy… Shiro’s siblings at home need their mommy to be happy… ^_^ We love Shiro

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