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Posted: January 31, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Remember my post about the Purrrrs’ weird bed habit, and how hard to get The Purrrrs sleep in the pink beds?

But then…

I discovered a secret kept by one of The Purrrrrs! He actually will sleeps in the pink bed when no one is looking!

I fell asleep in the living area while watching tv in the dark. Lazy to get up to the bedroom, i switched off the tv and decided to sleep on the couch but i noticed something was moving inside the pink bed. I remembered i’ve sent The Purrrrs to their room and caged them at night to prevent them to climb out the balcony when i’m sleeping. This one must have been sneaked out from the cage!

Coincidently, my camera was on my coffee table. Lazy to switch on the light (yeah i’m a lazy butt just like my cats :P), i just took the camera and snapped. And guess what i found???



Close up...

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.. see??

LOL :mrgreen:


Posted: January 31, 2011 in The Purrrrs

I just got my annual bonus.

Instead of grabbing 6kg Sun-cured Timothy Hay for The Fluffies from Chubby Pets Garden, I also managed to get a pack of Blackwood breeder pack *clap clap clap*

6 kg of Sun-cured Timothy Hay for the Fluffies

24 kg of Blackwood Adult Cat kibbles! :mrgreen:

The cats were fighting to be the first one to taste the kibbles πŸ™‚

Can u see the 2 cats fighting?? They're Memon & Jebat

This big pack should be lasts for 3-4 months

A lot of kibbles for 3 kitties!

Close up pic?

Yummy eh? *drool*

While Memon and Jebat were busy with the fighting, Bellack was helping himself with a bowl of Blackwood kibbles πŸ™‚

Nom nom nom~

They’re officially changed from Science Plan to Blackwood πŸ™‚

Remembering Shiro

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Today is supposed to be Shiro’s 2nd birthday.

He was born in 24 Jan 2009 at Tru-luv Meadow Haven, with other 2 kits, Camior and Seychel. Sadly, none of this litter is survived 😦

This is my favorite video of them. The video showing the 3 of them playing and running together :

This is the 1st video of Shiro alone :

He was sent to me by our friends, TJ and D on 28 March 2009.

I fell in love with him the first time i touched him. He was so cute, adorable, playful and full with bunny-tude. I wish i can ‘replay’ that day again and again and again *sigh*

The very last video of my baby, a day before his passing :

And these are some of the last photos of him 😦

His favorite spot under my tv cabinet

Sleeping under the tv cabinet

I wish i could turn back time and do no mistake..

Mommy miss u so much, Shiro πŸ˜₯

The Purrrrs’ Weird Bed Habit

Posted: January 22, 2011 in The Purrrrs

Each of The Purrrrs has a weird habit in choosing their own dozing spots.

Memon loves to stretch her body on the couch, on the padded dining chair, on the television set (we’re still using the old tv, not the flat slim tv :P)

... on the tv set

Sometimes she will climb on top of the rabbit’s cage to sleep. She always choose a higher place to doze off, where our notty Bellack couldn’t notice and disturb her sleep.

... on The Fluffies cage

Bellack normally sleeps on our glass coffee table.

Can u see Bellack in this photo? πŸ˜›

Jebat is the weirdest among The Purrrrs. Other than on the couch and on the armrest, he loves to sleep in a tight basket/crate, just nice to fit/stuff his body inside.

... on the couch

... on the armrest

... in the small basin i use to wash the vegetables for The Fluffies




... in the small crates that come with the hampers


... in an empty littertray

... in an empty littertray

... in my laundry basket

….. In the plastic ‘tudung saji’ (food cover)

But i noticed, Jebat only choose things that were made of plastic as his beds. Not the soft-padded.

The pink beds that Mr Am bought for them were left untouched. I tried to make them use the beds. Sometimes i’ll pick them up and place them in the basket. But look at their disapproved faces!

Bellack & Jebat

Jebat's disapproving face!

Another disapproving face! Hehe..

Do your cats leave the beds you bought untouched? Is there any way to courage them to use their beds?

But amongst all their dozing spots, their favorite one is always my bed πŸ™„

... on Mommy's bed!

Dear all,



I’m helping Bailey to find a loving home. Bailey is a shy boy, neutered buck and he is litter-trained. Please spread the word around and email for more information.

Thank you.

Binkie Bunnies

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Inside The Playpen

Previously, this area was where i placed Shiro’s cage. Shiro (RIP) was a free-range bunny, except when we’re not around to watch him (off to work etc)

Yesterday, I set up a new playpen in the living area. We don’t have much toys for the bunnies in here. So i just furnished the playpen with the toys we have. This playpen is for Mocha & Mickybell. They’re the only couple i trust to occupy this playpen because they’re well-litter-trained. They don’t make a lot of mess compared to the rest. I would love to have Maxie in the playpen with Mocha & Mickybell. Maxie is another well-litter-trained bunny. But too bad, my tempt to bond the 3 of them (they were from the same litter) was failed. I would like to try the bonding process again, but now Maxie is happy with Lara πŸ™‚

Mocha & Mickybell did a lot of binkies as soon as i put them in this playpen.. In case u don’t know how bunnies do their binkies, u should watch this video πŸ™‚