Happy Birthday, 3Ms!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

Today is their special day! Mocha, Mickybell and Maxie turn 3 today! Wooohooo~

To celebrate 3Ms’ third birthday, all of The Fluffies were treated to a small bowl of Beh & Yo Chopped Alfalfa each this very early morning *clap clap clap*

Tonight I’m going to feed all of them a peel-ed red grape and a raisin each. (Can I feed 3 grapes to 3Ms?? :P)

Grapes, any bunn?

Owh ya! 3Ms already received their birthday pressies yesterday night! Vivien from Life Around With My Mini Zoo brought 2 sets of Living World Snap Inn all the way from KL for them! Thanks for their besdeh pressies, Vivien! They love their crates!! Muaaacksssssss~ *kiss kiss kiss*

3Ms in their Living World Snap Inn 🙂

Look at how they’ve grow. They’re no longer small kits, but they always be Mommy’s babies. Love ya 3Ms!

Mr Am also bought the straw balls for them! Toys! More toys!!! Don’t ya bunnehs love toys? 8)

Toys toys toys!

  1. cocojune says:

    hoppy hoppy birthday to the 3Ms…….big big hug from coco and june 🙂

  2. papa hero says:

    wahhh…!!! cutenya bunny ni..rasa mcm nak bela tp PH tak pandai…hik hik

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