The Baby Kitty Didn’t Make It :(

Posted: December 13, 2010 in The Purrrrs

I finally managed to get a foster mom for the baby kitten. A friend i knew from Facebook (SS) agreed to let her female cat, Mama Poi to nursing the kitten.

We thought everything will be fine..

But after a few days with the new ‘mom’, we were shocked to know the kitten wasn’t survive.

SS said she saw Mama Poi fed the kitten in the early morning. When she checked again on them after a few hours later, she saw Mama Poi was crying and licking the baby kitten. But the kitten was motionless 😥

We don’t know what exactly happened to that poor kitty. It could be caused by many reasons…

This is the last photo i managed to snap a few hours before i handed it to SS.

Sleeps soundly on the heating pad after syringe-fed

Farewell little kitty.. U’ll be with your real mom and your sister/brother very soon…

  1. Sorry to hear that. Poor little thing. They’re so fragile those little kits.

  2. We’re sorry to hear that the little kitty didn’t make it. Very sad.

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