Poor Baby Kitty ;(

Posted: December 2, 2010 in The Purrrrs

This kitten’s mom was hit by a car while carrying his sibling to their new nest. Both thrown a few meters away and died on the spot. The mother was still carrying the kitten in her mouth when she’s dead ;(

We already have 12 bunnies and 3 kitties in our apartment now. Hmmmm…

They said, “Let the nature take place. He will die in his sleep. U have too many furkids to take care. It is not ur fault if u can’t take and save him,”

But tell me, how am i going to say NO this poor little kitty?

  1. Papa Hero says:

    takpe la nerq….awak bela lah si tecit baik2…murah rezeki awak…insyaallah….

    sedih ph tgk nasib kucing ni…mak dia…? ph tak dapat bayangkan….duhai nasib kucing2 jalanan ni…sampai bila nak selesai….

    • thefluffies says:

      Takleh la PH 😦
      Faktor space n beberapa faktor lain tak berapa nak mengizinkan. Me pun dalam proses nak put Bellack for adoption. Tetiba muncul pulak kitten ni. Bukan me tak sanggup. But memang ‘tak mampu’ to have another kitty around.

  2. Yeah, we understand. Poor kitty, lost his family.

  3. Oh boy! Listen, it’s soooo small that it’s super fragile, so don’t get too attached yet sweetie. We’re purring this little one makes it.

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  4. umi-e says:

    It’s really sad to read this story… :((

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