Goodbye Shiro….

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

My baby has left us this morning. I feel like crap.

I have done almost everything to save him.

Mommy so sorry Mommy failed u, Shiro.

It feels like u just arrived here yesterday. No word can describes how Mommy felt when Mommy touched u for the first time. Mommy miss u, Shiro.. Mommy don’t know how Mommy going to wake up tomorrow to know u’re no longer here.

U were a special bunny, and u will always be in our heart forever. We love u so much and will always do.

Binky free to Rainbow Bridge, my love. Hope u’ll find a true happiness there..

U always be Mommy's sweet baby.. Binky free sweetheart...

  1. Vivien says:

    oh my i feel not too good hearing this …..
    what happen to you shiro… :(…

    now im feeling so sad as well….why you left us so fast

    i thought i also see you grow through this blog and now you are gone..
    im speechless…what happen to you..

    im so sorry nerz…. but take care….i know how you feel …..i feeling miserable now too knowing he is gone 😦

    i may not be there but i do love him so much too…aih….which we can do more…… 😦

  2. CocoJune says:

    DEar Nico, hope the following message helps………

    When i first loss my bunny name Guinness two and half year ago, i was so depress and wrote to a vet about this incident. below was how he replied me and i found it very comforting

    “Got a shock from your news. Feel sad and sorry for you…
    Still remember we discussed your case of mange and wound not long ago. I have been some time not active until tonight I logged in and saw your message. Condolence to you on the leaving of Guinness.
    I keep a doggie when I became a vet. Being a vet, I could forsee nasty things that could happen to my little doggie. I always try my best to protect my pet. Just because I’m a vet, the moment I acquired my puppy, I already forseen its old age, and even death.
    Pets live a shorter life compaired to us. But somehow I feel lucky that I live longer, that I will have a chance to care for them until they leave. When I think of this, I feel relief that I don’t die first and leave behind my beloved pet suffering.
    Seeing your pet to leave is a process, it’s just a matter of now or later. Guinness had made you learn how to care for their species, and Guinness had made a contribution to its species in perfecting you to the proper care of their species. Guinness had reduced the risk of its same kind in ending up in cruelty, as it had taught you how to become a responsible pet owner.
    Guinness had leave a sweet memory to you too. And this is the only precious gift it leave. A gift that will never faded in the most precious place of your body – your heart.
    Take its gift and go on. Walk out of this sadness. And if you are ready, I think you will be more prepared to be a pet owner again. And Guinness’s friends of its same kind will thank you for your kindness in caring them and Guinness.
    Take good care. ” – from Dr. Chong

  3. blackie007 says:

    It’s always sad to see a beloved member of your family passes away. And that includes pets. Nothing we can say can ease the emptiness. The only positive thing is that Shiro is no longer suffering, but is at peace. Take comfort from that, and cherish the great times you had together. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Brian says:

    My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear about your sweet Shiro, we send you lots of purrs and hugs.

  5. Very sorry to read this about Shiro. It is a deep pain to lose one we love. Purrs and tail wags.

  6. Oh poor Shiro. We’re so sorry. Purring for you at this difficult time.

  7. sillylupie says:

    I know you are going through a difficult time.
    {{{hugs}}} again.

  8. Papa Hero says:

    I feel sorry about shiro….nerq….

  9. It is no one’s fault Nico and you will love again…

    We cherish all the good times we have with our beloved pets. That is their purpose just like our purpose for these moments. We all play our roles and sadly, the fact remains the same that every good thing must come to an end. And with each end, there is a beginning.

    We count our blessings for all the pets that has came and touched our lives. One day, the inevitable will happen and with a heavy heart, we shall let go…

    I miss him dearly too and I truly hope, time will heal…



  10. It’s a sad news to hear…I know it’s harder for you 😦

    My condolences to u…

    Binky free baby shiro…the sweet little one… kisses!

  11. eli says:

    I’m so sorry dear 😦
    Please don’t blame yourself, shiro knows you love him and he loves u so much too.
    Please do take care.

  12. furfurries says:

    So sorry for ur loss babe…. *hugs* Felt just like yesterday when i had shiro with me for a few hours before delivering him to u. 😦

    Binky free baby Shiro… u will be missed!

  13. Nicole says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. You did the best you could. Shiro is no longer suffering, at least; and while he was alive, he felt comfortable and loved by you.

    Do you know what happened? Has there been a postmortem?

    My condolences.

  14. meowwmania says:

    sangat sukar menghadapi kehilangan 😦

    smoga shiro tenang di sana

    be strong dear…

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