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Updated at 10.10am / 2 Oct 2010 :

Shiro has stopped eating the fruits as well 😥

I blended some pineapple to make a pineapple juice for him. He already took 5 ml (syringe-feed) of pineapple juice and 2-3 bites of papaya. He will get his 4th dose of Zellox-II in a few minutes.

No sign of poop since yesterday. He peed once; a very little and thick urine.

Please keep all fingers and paws crossed.


Have u ever heard about Megacolon / Cowpile / Cowpoop Syndrom / Sausage Poo in rabbits?

I never wrote about this before.

When my baby Shiro was 3.5 months old, i found an unusual things about his poop. His poop were smellier and bigger and usual than a normal sized poop. Worried about him, I made a lot or readings. I also wrote to Dana Kremples, from Please read HERE.

Dana gave me INSTRUCTIONS, in case Shiro’s poop production decreased.

In fact, i also wrote to Rabbits Online. You can view my post HERE and look at the photos i post in there.

Shiro’s condition is never changed. Knowing that i have to deal with Shiro condition, and not much i can do, I feed him with some gas meds and just monitor his diet. Twice a week, i sprinkled 1 capsule of Lacto-5 in his pellets. His basic diet is Oxbow BBT, CPG Pro Optimum and unlimited timothy hay with a pinch of alfalfa hay. As a treat, he loves Show Rabbit Feed, veges, fruits and raisins.

Everything was ok. Until today…

My fear level is at its limit!

Shiro suddenly stops eating and drinking since last Wednesday. He only feeds on his fruits and veges.

His stomach is hard! Not gas, but i think it is fill of poop/food. I haven’t seen any fresh poop from him since i reached home 8 hours ago. Now I try to give some massage on his stomach. I hope it helps. I’m force-feeding him with Oxbow Critical and water. I already fed him the gas med given by my vet. I’ll try to feed him with 1ml/hr of Zellox-II (for 3 hours) later.

I’m crossing my fingers.
Please please please pray hard for my baby 😦

Shiro's photo taken within an hour ago