Shiro’s Update – Good News :D

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

Good news! Good news!

Shiro has start munching on his greenies, and alfalfa hay and pellets last nite soon after his 5th Zellox-II dose :mrgreen:

I’m so relieved and happy that he is back to his appetite πŸ˜‰

Poop! Poop! Good news, isn't it? πŸ˜›

  1. We’d guess the definition of “good news” would depend on who is doing the clean up. πŸ™‚ Hope it’s good news.

  2. bunnychoy says:

    Yay, bunny’s poops & empty bowl always make us happy πŸ˜€

  3. CocoJune says:

    only rabbit owner will understand how happy we are to c our buns eat a lot , poo a lot and pee a lot……..for those who do not know, they must be thinking we are in sane………:p

  4. sillylupie says:

    WE are so very happeee with the newss!!!!!

    But how come our mommeee never happy when we poop like that??? (we mean on the floor, our poop are very much bigger than Shiro’s …..)

    Love, Lucky L. & Co.

  5. Farah diyana says:

    aka shiro dh besar laaaaa..rindu my seychels yg tak kesampaian tuh..haih…akak jom exchange link sy yg personal blog n busines…jom2…hehehe

  6. Papa Hero says:


  7. Hey, you’re blogging again! We’re following you so we can spot posts.

    Great to see it’s good news. But still, you are happy about poop which you have to admit is weird. Plus, we’re happy to see poop, which probably means we’re weird too πŸ™‚

  8. Nissa says:

    hi, when i saw your post and the links of your post to other forums, I realized that my rabbit have the same poos as Shiro’s and she is also a Holland Lop (charlie type). The poo is big, and smelly, and mushy. It happens when I feed my rabbit too much starchy food or some pellet brands that is too high in protein/carbs. I cut back her usual pellets and mix in other pellets that are low in protein. I use Oxbow rabbit organic, the green packaging. Because she’s not an adult rabbit yet, I still free feed alfalfa hay but so far she’s better. Good luck with Shiro, he’s so adorable.

    • thefluffies says:

      Hi Nissa, thanx for drop by.
      Now I’m trying to alter Shiro’s diet. But too bad, after he recovered, he totally refused his hay. I’ll try to get some timothy from other supplier and hope he will eat the new hay.

      • Nissa says:

        I’m also in the middle of the process of getting my rabbits to eat more hay. I have another rabbit that just won’t enjoy eating hay. I have to hand feed her everday! But none of of them like timothy hay. You should try Orchard hay. I have a bit of luck with that.

      • thefluffies says:

        Yeah, i also read somewhere else that rabbits love Orchard Grass more than Timothy. I’m getting a small pack of Oxbow Orchard Grass. It will arrives next week. Hope he will loves it πŸ˜€ *crossed fingers*

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