Please Pray For My Baby ;'(

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

Updated at 10.10am / 2 Oct 2010 :

Shiro has stopped eating the fruits as well 😥

I blended some pineapple to make a pineapple juice for him. He already took 5 ml (syringe-feed) of pineapple juice and 2-3 bites of papaya. He will get his 4th dose of Zellox-II in a few minutes.

No sign of poop since yesterday. He peed once; a very little and thick urine.

Please keep all fingers and paws crossed.


Have u ever heard about Megacolon / Cowpile / Cowpoop Syndrom / Sausage Poo in rabbits?

I never wrote about this before.

When my baby Shiro was 3.5 months old, i found an unusual things about his poop. His poop were smellier and bigger and usual than a normal sized poop. Worried about him, I made a lot or readings. I also wrote to Dana Kremples, from Please read HERE.

Dana gave me INSTRUCTIONS, in case Shiro’s poop production decreased.

In fact, i also wrote to Rabbits Online. You can view my post HERE and look at the photos i post in there.

Shiro’s condition is never changed. Knowing that i have to deal with Shiro condition, and not much i can do, I feed him with some gas meds and just monitor his diet. Twice a week, i sprinkled 1 capsule of Lacto-5 in his pellets. His basic diet is Oxbow BBT, CPG Pro Optimum and unlimited timothy hay with a pinch of alfalfa hay. As a treat, he loves Show Rabbit Feed, veges, fruits and raisins.

Everything was ok. Until today…

My fear level is at its limit!

Shiro suddenly stops eating and drinking since last Wednesday. He only feeds on his fruits and veges.

His stomach is hard! Not gas, but i think it is fill of poop/food. I haven’t seen any fresh poop from him since i reached home 8 hours ago. Now I try to give some massage on his stomach. I hope it helps. I’m force-feeding him with Oxbow Critical and water. I already fed him the gas med given by my vet. I’ll try to feed him with 1ml/hr of Zellox-II (for 3 hours) later.

I’m crossing my fingers.
Please please please pray hard for my baby 😦

Shiro's photo taken within an hour ago

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry. I had never heard of megacolon before, so thank you for blogging about it. I have my fingers crossed and I will be sending good thoughts into the universe in the hopes that Shiro poops soon and recovers.

    Zellox-ii, this is for gas and acid indigestion? I’m curious, what gas med did your vet give you? Can you possibly get your hands on a digestive enzyme or medication? At this point, that might be more useful than a gas med – something to break up that mass and help Shiro pass it. Cisapride is commonly advised But maybe even a natural enzyme, as found in fresh papaya for instance, could be of use. I’m no expert, these are just some things I’ve picked up along the way.

    Keep up the massage and force-feeding of water, but if he is not pooping, force-feeding food (Critical Care) might not be a good idea. Just something to think about.

    You are clearly a devoted rabbit companion. Ultimately, this is a genetic thing, nothing you can do about it. Situations like these are always painful. I tend to beat myself up, but you are doing everything you can – so much more than many other people. (I was just talking to someone the other day who’s had friends who’ve owned rabbits, and when she found out I take my bun to the vet, she was shocked !!) Shiro’s a beautiful bun and you’ve clearly been a wonderful friend to him. My thoughts are with you both.

  2. We’re sorry to read about Shiro’s health problem. We send lots of purrs and tail wags for him..

  3. Vivien says:

    oh my shiro..what happen to you……..
    get well ok……….

  4. blackie007 says:

    Oh no…I read your posts in Rabbits Online and it sounds scary. Are there really no rabbit-savvy vets in Penang? And none that could tell you the name of the prescription that they gave you? 😮

    I’ll send the links to those posts to my vet and see if she has any idea on what could be wrong. But I think she’ll only be able to get back to me tonight or tomorrow as Saturdays are extremely busy for them, as they only have 3 vets in the clinic. I’ll let you know immediately when she replies.

    In the meantime, Vivien, are you friends with your vet? If you are, could you get his/her opinion on the matter, too? I think he/she is probably rabbit-savvy, since you sent rabbits to him/her.

    Get well soon, Shiro! Me and mine send hugs, purrs and headbutts.

  5. sillylupie says:

    Oh Shiro!

    We are truly worried.

    Do you think pumpkin will work?
    It worked for my ONION (cat) when she couldn’t poop and was stressing and leaving blood stains all over our house.

    I’ll google and see if I can find anything.

  6. CocoJune says:

    i totally understand how u feel when yr shiro bun stop eating and pooping, it is very very very worrying and stressful. My June bun situation was like shiro, suddenly stop eating and pooping. i remember i force feed her pineapple juice, yogurt and critical care. It took her about 2 weeks to slowly recover. Remember to talk to shiro that u love him and always give him some gentle stroke. this was what i did to my June bun. definately will pray for shiro bun speedy recovery.

  7. thefluffies says:

    There’s no rabbit savvy in Penang. I dont know what else to do.. I was thinking to send him to KL. But the long journey will stress him more 😥

    Now i just feed him with pineapple juice, water, papaya slice, and critical care from time to time. *For now, i feed him every 2-3 hours. I dont want to stress him more.

    He sits in a hunch position and grinding his teeth. It is very heart-breaking to know he is in so much pain and i cant help him much.

  8. sillylupie says:

    I am popping over again – hoping to hear better news…

    Hugs to you and Shiro.

    We pray for Shiro to recover.

  9. Blake says:

    We’re very sorry to hear about this. We don’t have any experience with this directly. But we know it is hard to have a furriend not doing well like this.

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