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Skinny Bunny

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

We have 13 bunnies. Shiro in the thinnest among all.

Last month when i sent them dewormed, Shiro was about 2.1kg. Recently when i sent him to x-ray, his weight is about 1.8kg. He has lost 300g in a month!

Taking Shiro to the vet to take his molar and abdomen xray

Hope he will fully-recover very soon! Go, boy!!

Shiro is getting skinny and skinnier 😦

Losing 300g in a month! Does he looks skinny to u?

Skinny bunny or sleepy bunny?

I have a few questions…

1) Any of u guys work with rabbit shelters? And any of u rescued skinny bunnies before? Is there any tips to fatten the skinny bunny?

2) And since he is just recovered from GI statis and blockage, is there any supplement, vitamin or diet to strengthen his gut?

3) I read that Nutri-cal can helps to keep the rabbit hydrated, provides calories/energy, and vitamin E for the intestinal lining. Any of u give this to your bunny?

Update On Shiro

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

Shiro is on his way to full recovery. No hard tummy. He is still trying to gain his appetite back. And he is still refuse to munch on his hay.

Since he got his 1st tummy problem on 2nd Oct ago, he only choose to eat fruits and veggies and has reduced his pellets intake. He totally ignored his Oxbow BBT pellet. So i have to blend the pellets, mix with water and Oxbow Critical Care, and force-feed him with syringe. I’m afraid he’ll get diarrhea if consume too much fruits and veggies.

The lump/abscess has slowly reduced, but i can still feel it under his chin.

We’ve done the x-ray. But since the vets here are not really well-verse in interpreting rabbit’s x-ray, we have to send the x-ray to Dr. Lynnette in KL, and hope we will hear a good news from her.

Here are the x-ray for Shiro’s dental. They’re poor quality x-ray photos and blur :(, but i hope Dr Lynnette can have a look on them.

Right side of Shiro's head

Left side of Shiro's head

To compare between normal molar roots and abnormal molar roots, click HEREcredit to Long Beach Animal Hospital.

These are the x-ray taken to see the blockage in his stomach.

Top view

Right side of Shiro's body

To see how the normal rabbit abdomen x-ray, click HEREcredit to

I’m crossing my fingers and pray the gas and blockage problem will never come back. Please keep praying for our Shiro.

A Popular Tomboy Kitty?

Posted: October 27, 2010 in The Purrrrs

I was digging in the pets photo folders in my computer when i found this photo and subscribed it to Adem & Cats Photo Contest.

Let's vote for Memon!

For those who interested to vote for Memon and Jebat, these are the simple steps to follow :

1) Log in to your Facebook account
2) ‘Like’ Adem & Cats’ page
3) Find Memon’s photo in Adem & Cats’ photo album, then ‘Like’ the photo πŸ™‚

A Popular Man-cat?

Posted: October 22, 2010 in The Purrrrs

Jebat is taking part in a photo contest in Facebook. Well it is just for fun! πŸ˜€

If u would like to vote for Jebat, just go to this page – Adem & Cats and vote for this photo :

U can go to the photo's direct link by click on this photo.

Have a great weekend!

Please keep praying for this sweetie pie...

Shiro’s condition is getting on and off. His GI Statis problem was came back on last 12 Oct, and it happens again these few days. He still doesn’t eat his hay. And i noticed, he is reducing his food intake, and only munch on fruits and veggies and soft food. He is losing weight since then.

He is getting skinny and skinny.

Just now (lunch hour) i went back home to check on Shiro and fed him some pineapple (bcoz he had a hard tummy this morning).

And when i petted him, i found a small lump under his chin, right under his left lower jaw. The lump is the same size of green bean, hanging inside his skin. Looks like an abscess.

Green-bean sized lump 😦

The lump is getting sligthly bigger as we get home afterwork. I will get the antibiotic tomorrow.

I’m not sure if he is having teeth/molar problem. All his teeth are looked ok.

Pls let me know if u guys think he is having teeth/molar problem from the photo.

Another photo.

When he was much younger, he used to sneeze a lot, and producing thick whitish discharge from his nose. The vet gave some antibiotics. After quite sometimes, there was no whitish discharged, and less sneeze. Today, he still sneezing sometimes, but no discharge from his nose.

Compared to other rabbits, Shiro grunts a lot. He makes a funny sound, like grunt + wheezing, especially when he is angry/uncomfortable/stress.

Last month, we sent him to a young lady vet nearby to deworm him and the other Fluffies bcoz he is getting skinny and skinnier. The vet said she suspected something is not right with Shiro’s lungs, but she wasn’t sure bcoz she has a very little experience on rabbits. She asked us to send Shiro to the other vet to xray, and to comfirm that problem. But Mr Am and I tought it is nothing to worried. That is how he sounds since we got him.

2 days after he recovered his 1st tummy issue (as i posted on 2nd Oct), he drank a lot. More than a double of his normal water intake. He wet his chin too. But when i checked under his wet chin, i didn’t find anything abnormal/lumpy. And after the 2 days, his water intake was back to normal. No more wet chin. But as i mentioned, his food intake wasn’t as good as before he had his GI stasis issue. He is forging on soft foods like veges, fruits, and alfalfa leaves.

I rub his head and chin everyday. I didn’t notice that lump, until i found it today (I’m not sure if it already there 2-3 days ago. I might overlooked on it).

Do u guys think he is having a teeth problem that leads him to reduce his food intake and caused those stomach upset / GI statis?

If he is suspected to have teeth problem, how to confirm? The sneeze, it is an early sign of teeth/molar problem? The abscess, is it a sign of teeth/molar problem too? If yes, what treatment will be performed on him? Anyone experienced this? Please write to me. Thank you.

Lovebunns #3

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

So far, i have successfully bonded 4 pairs of my bunnies :mrgreen:

Remember Dino Domino (aka Daddy) and Dinky (aka Mummy)? Daddy Dino is the eldest bunny here. He is about 3 years and 10 months old by now.

And still remember the super-loving couple (they’re brother and sister), Mocha & Mickybell aka M & M? They still remain as the most loving couples πŸ˜‰

Mocha, Mickeybell and Maxie is turning 3 on this 28 Dec.. Hmmmm.. time to get their birthday pressies huh? What should i buy for them? πŸ™„

This is the 3rd couple i managed to bond. Just like Mocha & Mickybell, they were from the same litter as well.

β™₯ Achilles & Lolly β™₯

Did i mentioned there are 4 couples? The 4th couple is Maxie & Lara. I haven’t try to bond trio bunnies. Have any have u successfully bonding more than 2 bunnies together? Do share me some tips πŸ˜€


Posted: October 8, 2010 in The Little Critters

I was google my posts in a local forum pet thread when i saw this photo :

β™₯ Chip & Chepard β™₯

That is the photo of the lovely couple chipmunks, Chip & Chepard. In case u guys dont know that I have chipmunks as pet, please read my very old post about them in this post – The Chipmunks : An Intro

They are still in a very good health. They’re around 7 years old by now. (I got them somewhere in the end of year 2003. They no longer with me, but they’re just a few storey downstairs as they’re living with Mr Am. I’ll ask Mr Am if he can get the latest photos of these cuties πŸ™‚

Cat Of The Day : Jebat Cullen

Posted: October 7, 2010 in The Purrrrs

The kitties were playing hide and seek from each other. I saw Jebat and Bellack ran out from the Cats Room. Bellack hid under the garment rack in my bedroom, while Jebat jumped into the shopping bag that Mr. Am left beside the dining table. Later, i saw Memon came out from the Cats Room and wandering around, and looked for the boys.

The other photos are a bit blur. This is the best photo i can get. But, look at his face! Funneh! :mrgreen:

Jebat : Will Memon find me here?

Wordless Wednesday

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Inside The Playpen


Good news! Good news!

Shiro has start munching on his greenies, and alfalfa hay and pellets last nite soon after his 5th Zellox-II dose :mrgreen:

I’m so relieved and happy that he is back to his appetite πŸ˜‰

Poop! Poop! Good news, isn't it? πŸ˜›