Shiro Oh Shiro

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

I was clearing the store room (now converted into Cats Room & Rabbit’s Bonding Area) when i realized Shiro went missing. The living area was filled with boxes. And Shiro must be somewhere among the boxes. I called his name, but no sign of him.

After a few minutes searching and relocated the boxes, i found him under the dining table.

Look at him!

Hey, there u're!

Comfy huh! 😀

I want to bite his nose!

Jebat thinks that is totally weird.. 😛

  1. msplendid says:

    sangat GERAMMMMM….rasa macam nak pegi penang dan rompak all ur kids…
    miahahahahaahahahahahaah =D

    miss Koko-d, Jebat, Memon, Tempayan, Shiro and all the bunnies and not forget for a new comer,Fify =)

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