Saving Papi #2 – Could It Be Canine Distemper?

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Woof Woof

The vet is too far from our place. We have to drove 1 and half hours to go there. I finish work at 6pm. The vet is close at 7pm.

Today we requested the vet to wait for us. I really want to visit the puppy. It has been a week since we sent her there. We reached there at 7.30pm.

When we entered the clinic, the puppy was lying in the cage. Just like the first time we saw her. But here, no flies will bring maggots to her. She looks a bit thinner compared to the last week.

I asked the vet if she is suffering a Canine Distemper. The vet said “No,” I hope he is right.

It has been a week since we brought it to the vet, but i think her recovery progress is tooooo slow. The medical bill is starts to killing us. RM450 for 7 days. Due to our religion’s restriction, i cant take her home. If she is really suffering Distemper, what should i do?

Just now i did a stupid thing. I cried and i asked the vet to put it to sleep. I was giving up. But Mr Am won’t let me give up so easy. He asked me to give another chance to the puppy. He said we’ll find a way to save the puppy.

Her eyes were blinking. She was awake. I tickled and pet and called her, “Hey Papi.. wake up wake up, let’s go play..!” At first, she moved her hind leg a bit. Later, she wagged his tail a bit. After almost an hour in that clinic, she finally lifted up her head.

Isn’t that a good sign? I’m happy to see her progress. But i couldn’t stop my eyes from shed tears 😥

This is the video of the puppy. Any of u experienced Canine Distemper before? Do u guys think this puppy is showing Distemper symptoms?

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh dear. That puppy is very sick. Have any diagnostic tests been performed that might reveal the problem? You did the right thing by bringing her to a vet, but sometimes nothing can be done. She will be in my thoughts… I hope she recovers.

  2. fanfan says:

    I can see the 4 limbs are all having hyperextension. Was the canine distemper test done ?

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