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This video is taken today. As u see, she is trying to get herself up and tries to balance. She failed, but she keeps trying and trying. This is what i love a lot about this puppy.

By the way, Papi has a name πŸ™‚
RIA, given by our frens Chetz Yusof and Aneesa (Chetz’s housemate)

Ria is going to a new home in the next few days. Chetz Yusof will help her in the recovery process – physiotherapy, massage, etc. Aneesa and Eddy Ezuan (Chetz’s assistant) will give Chetz a hand. Aneesa is good as pampering and massages. Eddy is good at training (and playing with puppies :P)

Ria will have a much better life soon. That is what we promised her πŸ™‚

Papi’s Update

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Woof Woof

Video taken on 14 July 2010, the puppy was on IV fluid for 3 days.

Video taken on 16 July 2010, the last day taking IV fluid. As u can see, she lifted up her front body and leaned against the cage. She could move all her legs and tried to moved her head too. She tried to clean her genital parts, but she lost balance.

Progress? πŸ™‚

Shiro Oh Shiro

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Inside The Playpen

I was clearing the store room (now converted into Cats Room & Rabbit’s Bonding Area) when i realized Shiro went missing. The living area was filled with boxes. And Shiro must be somewhere among the boxes. I called his name, but no sign of him.

After a few minutes searching and relocated the boxes, i found him under the dining table.

Look at him!

Hey, there u're!

Comfy huh! πŸ˜€

I want to bite his nose!

Jebat thinks that is totally weird.. πŸ˜›

Yesterday we went to 2nd vet to get the 2nd opinion on Papi’s condition.

At first, the vet expected Canine Distemper. So we asked him run the test. We’re soooo relief to know she is CDV negative πŸ™‚

But the vet said she is 10% dehydrated. And she might suffering a nerve/brain damage because she couldn’t control and balance her body. All her 4 legs are stiff as she is paralysis. The vet advised us to put her to sleep. After taking hours to think and discussed with Mr Am and called a friend to get some opinion, i decided to give her a chance to live. I will try my best to save her.

We took the puppy home, placed her at the pantry (the only space we have and well-ventilated). Set the cage for her. So here she is. At HOME. I hope it will helps to speed her recovery.

Today, we went to a nearby vet, Dr T. She helped us prepared the IV fluid set. She did some physical and urine test. There’s some infection and over protein in her urine.

We drove home with the IV fluid set. The puppy will be on drip for 3 days. She put on Elizabeth collar to prevent the puppy from chewing the bandage. But tomorrow i need to take her to the vet to make sure there’s no swollen or bruises on the IV area.

IV fluid setup at the kitchen pantry

Elizabeth collar to prevent chewing

The bandage to prevent the IV tube from drop off

I pray for miracle. Please pray with me.

Please Help Them :(

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Woof Woof

We can’t help much in financial and fostering them. But maybe we can help by spread words and hope this plead will reach the people who can really help them. Please spread the words in your blog. They need donation and contribution.

Please please please help them 😦

The vet is too far from our place. We have to drove 1 and half hours to go there. I finish work at 6pm. The vet is close at 7pm.

Today we requested the vet to wait for us. I really want to visit the puppy. It has been a week since we sent her there. We reached there at 7.30pm.

When we entered the clinic, the puppy was lying in the cage. Just like the first time we saw her. But here, no flies will bring maggots to her. She looks a bit thinner compared to the last week.

I asked the vet if she is suffering a Canine Distemper. The vet said “No,” I hope he is right.

It has been a week since we brought it to the vet, but i think her recovery progress is tooooo slow. The medical bill is starts to killing us. RM450 for 7 days. Due to our religion’s restriction, i cant take her home. If she is really suffering Distemper, what should i do?

Just now i did a stupid thing. I cried and i asked the vet to put it to sleep. I was giving up. But Mr Am won’t let me give up so easy. He asked me to give another chance to the puppy. He said we’ll find a way to save the puppy.

Her eyes were blinking. She was awake. I tickled and pet and called her, “Hey Papi.. wake up wake up, let’s go play..!” At first, she moved her hind leg a bit. Later, she wagged his tail a bit. After almost an hour in that clinic, she finally lifted up her head.

Isn’t that a good sign? I’m happy to see her progress. But i couldn’t stop my eyes from shed tears πŸ˜₯

This is the video of the puppy. Any of u experienced Canine Distemper before? Do u guys think this puppy is showing Distemper symptoms?

Mr. Am found this puppy at our friend’s car workshop. The puppy was laying there motionless, like a dead puppy. The eyes we shut. But she was breathing, heavily. Not moving even when i tried to tickled her. She was very playful a few days before. Mr T (the workshop owner) thought he had hit the puppy with his car because he found the puppy under his car when he reversed the car from the carporch.

We brought the puppy to a vet in Penang Island (he was the only vet available on that evening). Dr S told us that he found no injury on that puppy. But the puppy showing some symptom such as fever, nose discharge, and maggots at the private parts (laying there for 2 days and she couldn’t clean herself).

Please pray for this poor puppy 😦

Update on Jebat

Posted: July 1, 2010 in The Purrrrs

Sorry for the late update.

Fully occupied with 3 cats, 13 bunnies, and a dog never been easy!

Thanx for all pray and wishes for Jebat. He is as handsome as always, but the vet suggested us to put him on diet πŸ˜€

This is his latest photo for now. Look at his guilty face after being scold for making mess on mommy’s bed!

Do u believe i can do this mess?? I'm just a cat!