Moody Memon

Posted: June 30, 2010 in The Purrrrs

Mommy took another not-so-handsome boy in. Isn't that means we get a lesser share of her love now?

Told u guys.. he is not so handsome, doesn't he?

  1. shikin says:

    noooo..he’s very cute, in his own way =)…tk cr of the abandon cat..they also have their right. i support u!!

  2. effa says:

    eh.. he is hensom ok? 🙂
    i loikeee black.. more macho.. hehehe..

    nerq, mana nak cari kucing yang bulu dia macam iklan whiskers kt TV tu… yg macam rimau skit tu… aku kira nak ada pet la kt umh.. my daughter lia, sukaa sangat kt kucing…

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