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Monday morning, 12 April 2010. I was grooming the bunnies. The other gave me no problem since they’re short-haired. They’re heavily molted. I grabbed the Furminator n groomed them.

Mickybell had some tangled fur at her tail. So i decided to cut the tangled fur using the new scissors i just bought a day before. I was soooooo careless and see the damage i’ve done to her!

I accidently cut her skin open! πŸ˜₯ KILL ME!! πŸ˜₯

I quickly took the travel basket and off to Dr P. I felt like dying!

Mommy's poor baby 😦 *guilt*

Dr. P stitched her up..

3 sutures! KILL ME! πŸ˜₯

Now I FEEL SO GUILTY……. i still can’t get rid of that feeling… *guilty.. guilty.. guilty* And yes, i promise i’ll be more careful with scissors next time.

Please pray for my baby’s speed recovery 😦

Mickybell, mommy feel so guilty. Sorry 😦