Psssstt.. Psssstt..!!

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Inside The Playpen
Jebat & Shiro-bunn

Jebat & Shiro-bunn

Shiro : Any latest info on Mom’s secret mission?

Jebat : (shaking head) Not yet.. She’s not feeling well lately. So we think the mission has been postponed.. But we saw she worked on the bonding process..

Shiro : Bonding who?

Jebat : A few couples.. But i heard she successly bonding Lolly and Achilles less than a week..

Shiro : She will bond me with a bunny-girl too?

Jebat : Yeah…After u get ‘snipped’, bro!

Shiro : Ngeeeeeee?!! In that case, i prefer to be single!!!

Jebat : U wish!

  1. tED| says:

    kawan baik ni.. nanti dia pakat 2 ekor kenakan mummy dia.. 🙂

  2. OMG! So much Noobie in him!

  3. Oh, but it will be worth it!

  4. lazybunnys says:

    Jebat ask your Mom to YM Lb ya.. miss her so much.. hope she ok.

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