A Quick Update

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Inside The Playpen, The Little Critters

I’m sorry for being quiet for quite sometime. A lot of things happened in our apartment.

First, the Fluffies are expanded when we received 4 little kits to shelter until they get the new adopters. I still havent have time to put them for adoption. But one of the kits died without reason 😦

Taken on 11 June 2009

Taken on 11 June 2009 - Odylle, Dollitte, Alno & Layola

Taken on 24 June 2009. The white one Odylle died 2 days after this photo was taken..

Taken on 24 June 2009. The white one Odylle died 2 days after this photo was taken..

Next, there was a personal problem between Mr Am and I. Our little happy family had torn apart. Mr Am moved away and took The Chipmunks, The Squirrels and The Purrrrs along. The Fluffies are staying with me. Our canine friend, Koko-D has found its new family, a young couple with their 2 little cute boys.

On 13 July, found a new lump on Daddy Dino. This is the 3rd-4th lump within 12 months.

Taken on 13 July 2009

Taken on 13 July 2009

Taken on 15 June 2009

Taken on 15 June 2009

Taken on 23 July 2009

Taken on 23 July 2009

On 17 July, i found an abandoned kitten near my office entrance and took it home. It was named as Neo, but it died on Thursday nite, 20 Aug ago..

Isn't he cute???

Isn't he cute???

While i was struggling to save the kitten and battling my financial problem, Mr Am made a deal with me regarding Memon & Jebat. Mr Am is a very hardworking contractor. He works almost 16 hours a day, sometimes he will get home at very late and no time to free The Purrrrs. So i agree to take The Purrrrs with me and Mr Am will sponsors all the cats’ expenses.

This is the only photo of the 3 kitties together..

This is the only photo of the 3 kitties together..

Yes, The Purrrrs are now with me 🙂

Recently, which is last Sunday, 23 Aug 2009, i received another shocked news. Our little squirrel, Papai died in his cage. The reason was unknown. Mr Am said he looked ok and eating well the nite before. I managed to snap his photos before i bury him. No injury and no sign of sickness on him. Could he died of boredom???

Farewell, Papai...

Farewell, Papai...

He was beautiful...

He was beautiful...

Mr Am was so broke down and wept on what had happened to our little family. It had torn apart and the pets seem to sense the broken. Mr Am was thinking about letting go the chipmunks and the squirrel to its nature because he cannot bear any loss in the future. But as a captivity bred, i dont think it is a good idea. They will not survive out there. But, I can’t take them in.

I have 2 cats and 14 bunnies at the moment. My younger brother has moved in and stay with me. As a grown up teenage, he needs his own room. I’m thinking about reducing half of the Fluffies, find adopters and give them away. A big decision to make.. Sigh..

Our pets seem to sense that we're breaking apart :(

Our pets seem to sense that we're breaking apart 😦

I will keep my blog update while i’m mending the broken pieces of the life we’re been thru at this moment.
Please pray the best for us…

  1. tED| says:

    R.I.P neo and papai!!

    semoga semuanya kembali tenang
    terima kasih kerana kamu banyak membantu haiwan-haiwan ini.

  2. Take good care. Sorry for your losses…..

  3. jaanu1128 says:

    be strong my dear friend…just remember ” mesti ader hikmah di setiap aper yg berlaku”… i will be always by ur side…

  4. We are so sorry to hear about all of your family’s problems. We will send good thoughts to you and hope that things are better soon.

  5. furfurries says:

    Gosh fluff… din know so many things happened! sending all big gigantic furry hugs and kisses ur way… stay strong!! :*

  6. What a series of disasters. We’re so sorry. I hope you can persuade Mr AM to keep the squirrels; letting them loose would be a bad idea. Wild squirrels kill tame squirrels. Also, tame squirrels can’t survive in the wild; they don’t have the skills. It would be a slow death.

    Your cats and rabbit will be out the 3rd week of Sept. Sorry, my dates have all been changed *sigh* I’ll sms you when it’s out.

    See you on Facebook

  7. Mei Leng says:

    hi, glad to hear from u……….be strong …how is daddy dino?

  8. blackie007 says:

    So sorry to hear all these sad news….be strong, dear. {{{hugs}}}

  9. bunnychoy says:

    Life is always mixed of smooth & uneven path, the hard parts make us stronger. Eventually the good things will come. Keep faith ya, we’re praying for you & Fluffies family.
    Besides, Dino’s condition looks serious, it seems stubborn infection & necrosis is going on 😦 How’s Dino doing now? We’re so worried.
    Love, Choychoy & us.

  10. Oh no. We don’t know what to say. So many terrible thing happening. We can only send our most sincere hopes that things will get better.

    Purrs, Cliff & Olivia

  11. Anggerik says:

    Hi Fluffies,

    How was Daddy Dino? I experienced the same with Koko. It is treatable. Should be ok. Just need to flush out the white liquid.

    My Kiko died. I don’t know why. But I found her stiff, in her cage. I put her with her brothers for 2 hours, just to say goodbye, before burying her.

    I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. Do take care….

  12. Fez et al. says:

    We are all thinking of you. I hope that Daddy Dino is better. All the best.

  13. 3bit says:

    byk nyer yg dah jadi… be strong okay…

  14. You’ve been tagged to Save Yvonne’s Eyesight with a meme. Visit http://www.lepak.com/2009/09/save-yvonnes-sight-meme.html to find out more.

  15. So much sadness and pain. We are sorry for your losses.

  16. It is hard to be strong when one gets battered by misfortune one right after the other. Our mewmie is having some troubles herself trying to stay motivated and moving forward with decisions that are hard to make. Remember, one paw in front of the other…that is all you can do.

  17. Awww, im so sorry for your loses. The hard things make us stronger, just rember that. 🙂 I hope Daddy Dino is ok. Hope things start to look better for you soon.

  18. Vivien Lim says:

    why so complicated and pecah belah everywhere
    why are you giving away your bunnies when you are lovely caring them…

    pls work things up ok…..

    the white one very cute too bad didnt last long poor bunnies

  19. Gieniey-x says:

    May God bless u nerq

  20. shikin says:

    owh so sad to read the trail of disasters happened. but its quite strange why is the kitten died suddenly?

    • thefluffies says:

      It didn’t died suddenly.
      My Neo had been sick for a week or two. He was too small and sick (might be fever, etc. I’m not sure) Sent him to the vet, but no one willing to take him in. The vet just gave me medicine to feed him.

      Since I fed him by pump milk in his mouth, i cudn’t tell how sick was him. For bigger cats, i can know if they stop eating. But for a small kitty who spent 24/7 sleeping in his box, how to tell??

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