I Hate The Harness >:(

Posted: June 26, 2009 in The Purrrrs
I disapproved u for putting this harness on me. What are u trying to do?

I disapproved u for putting this harness on me. What are u trying to do?

Yes, I put the harness on Jebat. I’m training him to be comfort in the harness. So next time we can walk together if i take him to the park.

Bla bla bla.. enough said. Go away. I'm not in a good mood.

Bla bla bla.. enough said. Go away. I'm not in a good mood.

Don’t worry. He’ll be okay soon πŸ˜‰

  1. Cliff: Jebat, the harness is OK and going outside with your human on a leash is the best of the bestest!

    Olivia: Jebat, I’m with you all the way. What a strange idea.

  2. Hmm, a harness. My cat doesnt like those very much..

  3. Hef's Mom says:

    My sisters cat walks on a harness and I have seen a siamese do it too. My rabbit walks on a harness sort of. Just don’t expect a dog type walk. Expect them to act the same as if they weren’t harnassed and you get to run behind, but its fun!

  4. furrybutts says:

    I expect I’d get the same reaction if I tried to put any of my bunnies in a harness :p

  5. Vivien Lim says:

    hahaa cute………. cant you put Jebat into more weight like garfield..
    then Jebat will be gone…i kidnap him πŸ˜›

  6. No harnesses in this house. And Au is grumpy today just like you!

  7. sillylupie says:

    Heheheh, how is Jebat getting on with being walked?

  8. blackie007 says:

    hahaha….Jebat looks so cute with the leash. So, has Jebat started going on walks with you yet? πŸ™‚

  9. Cheryl Turtle says:

    My older cat has been enjoying the outdoors on a rope for 15 years. Not a leash; they’re too short. Started him with a collar, and after he understood what being tethered to me meant, I replaced it with a harness. Your cat should wear it only when going outside, allowing the connection to be made. My cats know what the jingle of their harness buckles and tags means and run to the door. Let the cat lead, and if it heads the wrong way, stop and wait for it to change direction. If you can’t wait, carry your cat. At first, my cat didn’t want to leave my yard, so my boyfriend drove us a few blocks away, and my cat would lead me directly home. He soon realized he could choose his own path from my house, but he always headed home after a few blocks.

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