Another Update On Achilles

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Inside The Playpen

Achilles’ wound i snapped just now. The duct looks sunken than before.

Looks better, isn't it?

Looks better, isn't it?

Please keep praying for this little one.

  1. Looks much better than before.

  2. lm_meileng says:

    glad to c that, yes, much better………

  3. nenonenoneno says:

    hope he’ll get better soon. poor little bunny.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Poor bunny. Hope he is doing much better!

  5. Poor little thing. To be ill and to have his private parts all over the Web! LOL But it does look a lot better. And his eyes look much happier.

  6. blackie007 says:

    Yes, it looks better now. The whitish thing is no longer visible. A big, tight hug to Achilles. May he recover completely very, very soon.

  7. Gabriella says:

    Oh yes, this is so much better – good for Achilles!! Is he eating and behaving ok otherwise?

  8. Elin! says:

    Look better! Me purrrrrrrrrrrrrsss for little bunny!

  9. lazybunnys says:

    Eh.. look very clear… and clean.. glad he ok..

  10. The Bunns says:

    We keep thinking about little Achilles …. go boy go!

  11. Hey, that looks good! Keep up the good work, everybun.

  12. Looks much better! We’re so glad.

    Cliff and Olivia

  13. That looks alot better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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