A little Update On Achilles

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Inside The Playpen

A lot of things I wanted to update about my bunnies before my internet server went down.

Remember that Achilles was neutered on 15 March 2009 ago? But one of the surgery wound is still not ok until today 😦

I took him to the vet again on 15 April 2009.

On the way to the vet. He is molting badly at the moment.

On the way to the vet. He is molting badly at the moment.

The vet gave some antiobiotic, and he advised me to apply some Surgical Iodine contained Metrogyl to keep the area dis-infected and clean.

On antibiotic

On antibiotic

The photo took on 15 April 2009

The photo took on 15 April 2009

The photo taken on 30 April 2009. How does it look to you? Better or worse?

The photo taken on 30 April 2009. How does it look to you? Better or worse?

Please pray for Achilles recovery, ya..

Please pray for Achilles recovery, ya..

Anyone experienced this before? I need u guys advise on this. I can’t rely on the vet 😦

Updated : Please read the comments too. Thank you~

  1. Elin! says:

    Oh no, I was neutered too but the wound did not be like this 😦

    I’m purring for you, I hope that everything will be fine again!

    Don’t forget to see the vet!

  2. We don’t know anything about rabbits, but we male cats and dogs have been neutered and we’ve never seen anything like that either.

    We are purring and woofing for Achilles!

  3. thefluffies says:

    Those photos – It is one of his sacks. The other side is okay.

    The rounded thing at the center is the sperm duct/ductus (Shud i say ductus? What does it called actually?) that has been tied and cut by the vet. The sack’s skin was supposed to cover it. But the vet didn’t stitched/attached the skin. So the skin dried up ‘around’ the ductus.

    By the time i realised a few weeks ago, it was already like that. It has some withish thing (died cells?) and wet and smelly (infection?)

    The vet said Achilles will be okay. But until today, i cudn’t figure out what he meant by ‘OKAY’. The center part (the thing i called ductus) will be sunken in by itself? Or it will dried and fall off?

    When i pressed around that area, i can feel the rest of the ductus inside. Around half an inch length.

    Or is it okay if i ask the vet cut the skin a bit and push that ductus in?

  4. Talk about adding insult to injury. (Or maybe the other way around?) We’re purring for the little fellow!

  5. Mei Leng says:

    i am afraid that i can’t give any advise on Achilles case, i never experience that b4, i was thinking of consulting another vet for 2nd opinion might help, will pray for yr baby recovery, he shall be fine…….

  6. blackie007 says:

    oh dear, never seen that before. I don’t know much about rabbits, but I think it doesn’t look too normal. Maybe you might want to check with another vet for 2nd opinion. Blackie purring for Achilles, may Achilles recover soon.

  7. Gabriella says:

    I am sorry to read that Achilles is having trouble with the post-op care. When Nik (ATB) was neutered, the vet put two (or even three) stitches there to facilitate the wound to close, and they would have come off if Nik hadn’t taken care of it the day after. There was a bit of swelling, but nothing else, and 48hrs after the operation it was gone.
    If you say that the area is wet and smells it is surely infected and Achilles may need bunny-safe antibiotics – I agree with blackie007 and go to see another vet and ask for his opinion, better sooner than later. Good luck, we’ll keep everything crossed for him!

  8. Bun thoughts and prayers for Achilles, coming your way. Tyler is the only boy bun I’ve had, and he came to me “snipped”. I’m not sure, but I think it looks better? the tissue is less swollen and red, assuming the whitish bit is just healthy skin, not pus…..

  9. OUCH!!!! poor achilles

  10. Charlie says:

    Eech, poor guy. I’ve not been neutered so cannot give my two rabbit cents but do hope he does better really quick. (One of my humans says to tell him he’s gorgeous. Should I be jealous?!)

    Charlie xxx

  11. divakitty says:

    Little dude – we hope you feel ok soon.

  12. sillylupie says:


    Praying for achilles speedy recovery!!!

  13. chinchillas says:

    neutered ! I always feel such a ‘pain’ when i heard about this word. However i know that in certain situation, rabbit or others small animal is have better life to live with their owner if begin neutere. Achilles will be fine! He will receive a very small reward package from me soon. 🙂

  14. alice says:

    my guys have been neutered but this looks different. a second opinion sounds good i hope you have one you can trust. have you sent this image to dana kremper on etherbun? she’s very knowledgeable. she may not always be able to get to your question immediately but i think she guarantees within a couple of days.

    the best of everything to you and your little guy,


  15. Ouch! None of my bunnies have ever been neutered, so I have no idea what to look for. I would get a 2nd opion. We will be rooting for little Achilles!

  16. furrybutts says:

    Things look better, in the 2nd photo. How is Archilles now? Does the duct look like it’s shrinking back into the sac?

  17. thefluffies says:

    Thanx for all comments.

    I also posted my question to Etherbun and hope will get some answer soon.

    The sac around the duct is shrinking, but the duct doesnt show any changes in size. I will snap the latest photo and update it here soon.

  18. alice says:

    oh good!!!! i’ll be anxious to know what she has to say. i really hope she helps!

  19. bunnychoy says:

    Owww, poor Archilles boy. There’s a vet Dr Low, HOPE VET CLINICS in Sg. Nibong, Penang Island (Near Queensbay Mall). He is very caring vet, Choychoy is one of his visitor too. May bring Archilles to him & see any other better treatment for little Archilles.

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