Friendly Award For Friendly Blogger!

Posted: March 22, 2009 in The Purrrrs

Jan from Jan’s Funny Farm passed this award to all of her furry-friends : “We’d like to pass it on to all our friends, old and new, because you are all Friendly Bloggers. And you’re all there when needed,”


I’m glad to know a lot of friends and blogger here. You guys are sooo supportive and i hope we can be friends forever. As for this, i would like to pass this award to all my friends in my blogroll too :mrgreen:

  1. Mei Leng says:

    hi, i love the friendly blogger picture, cute………

  2. thefluffies says:

    Yeah, u can have it in and paste it in ur blog because u are one of my special blogging friends too, meileng!

  3. lazybunnys says:

    waa…. more award… congrat…

  4. thefluffies says:

    yeah, and it is for u too, LB!

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