The Chipmunks : Chubby

Posted: March 5, 2009 in The Purrrrs

Did i mentioned earlier that Chubby was the most clever and smart-est chipmunk in our apartment?

A video of him to share :

  1. jaanu1128 says: clever..nice job chubby…

  2. lazybunnys says:

    wahhhh… very clever,,, hahaha… and so cute..

  3. Wow. What a trick. We hope you didn’t lock him up for to long.

  4. furrybutts says:

    Cool, Chubby! You’re as smart as an octopus!! :p

  5. Mei Leng says:

    wahooo…………this is amazing

  6. Daphie says:

    SO creverrrrrrr!!!! *flick-flick*

  7. Gabriella says:

    Clever one! Lovely video 🙂 Hopefully he was freed from his box shortly after?

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