What Is This???

Posted: January 12, 2009 in The Purrrrs
What is this thing?

What the is this thing?

Can anyone tell me what is in this photo?

:mrgreen: He he he…

I transfered the photos from my digicam to my pc and i tried hard to remember without looking at the previous photos. I gave up.. I think u guys too :mrgreen:

And this is the clue..

Got it?

Got it?

Can u spot any ‘red’ thing other than my bed’s comforter? Yes!! It was Jebat’s nose!

He came too close to the camera when i wanted to snap his photo. And that’s how i got that photo, LOL!

Anyone got it correct? 😀

  1. furrybutts says:

    Not at all! I thought it had something to do with lights :p

  2. azian9100 says:

    me.. me.. pick me… It’s a NOSE….me always right
    What… lah TLR… EARS?? try agains…

  3. We were totally stumped!

  4. thefluffies says:

    Tim, cant u see the 2 ‘lubang’ in the 1st photo? LOL!

  5. hef's mom says:

    Haha my cat always does that too!

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