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Which Is Who?!

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Inside The Playpen

Everybunny has their own cage now πŸ˜‰

Miss SB, the Furrybutts’ mom has requested the juniors photo for quite some time. So i tried to sort some of the photos in my pc and I realised that i’m having a problem to differentiate some of them!

From this photos, can anybunn tell me which is Lolly and which is Alfie?

Alfie and Lolly

Alfie and Lolly

Lolly and Alfie :mrgreen: Double cuteness!

When they were small, Alfie was a bit greyish, and Lolly was a bit brownish. But as they grown up, they look just the same! And when they were small, i can easily recognised Lolly by her badly-trimmed fur because she struggled a lot during grooming session :mrgreen: Errr.. still has a bad-trimmed fur at this moment actually.. Will trim them again, soon πŸ˜‰

Now, i can only recognise them by their cage, lol. Owh ya! And by their attitude when i take them out to play πŸ˜› Alfie is a cool bunny boy. When i put him on a box to groom, he sat quietly. But Lolly struggled and kicked me when i hold her. When i put her on the box, she turned here and there, looked around and tried to find a way to run.

Ok, now… What if i take Mickybell in the picture.



She looks different from Lolly and Alfie because she’s big bigger. And she’s well trimmed on her face. And she has greyish wool-type hair. But i wonder if the two juniors become adults, and they will look much alike Mickybell.. Will i able to differentiate the 3 of them? *wink wink*

I stopped the photography session after Mickybell peed on my couch πŸ‘Ώ

Will be back with their photos soon, SB. I promise!