Hi There!

Posted: December 22, 2008 in Inside The Playpen

Do u think rabbit and cat can communicate with each other? They don’t share a same verbal or body language.

But if they really can ‘talk’ to each other, i wonder what would be the best dialogue for this photo :mrgreen:

Hi there!

Hi there!

  1. Rabbit: Hey you look like a cat…
    Cat: You look like a rabbit too….

  2. sillylupie says:

    Rabbit : Let’s do a furry coup…. lock the dentist wannabe out of the house
    Cat : I second that, but ….do we have enough food?
    Rabbit : Don’t look at me, I am NOT FOOD!

  3. furrybutts says:

    Do your cats and bunnies get along well?

  4. thefluffies says:

    Hey, u guys good at making a script for animal movies!!

    Yeah my pets get along well… My cats never give harm to the bunnies, but i always found Dinky chases the cats when i let her play in the living area, LOL!

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