Momoy’s Post Spay #1

Posted: November 11, 2008 in The Purrrrs

Momoy was spayed on last weekend, 9 November 2008 at 5.00pm. We came to look at her condition at 6.45pm.

Dr T showed us the removed womb. She said, normal womb is pink in colour. But Momoy’s contained pus in her horns.

graphic photo, Tim? Hehehe..

graphic photo, Tim? Hehehe..

Momoy’s pyometra case is at early stage. We hope she’ll recover sooner.

Dr T called me at 3.30pm yesterday, asking me to come over because they didn’t dare to touch her. She’s a fierce fighter! Especially to strangers. But that time, i was in a meeting. I left office at 4.30, soon as the meeting over.

I reached Dr T’s place at 5pm, with our little Memon. Memon tried to lick her, but Momoy pushed Memon away. I fed her medicine and patted and talked to her. But she didn’t stop growling. I think because she was really in pain. She refused to eat, but this morning Dr T told me she ate a bit. Owh, at least she’s eating.

Dr T told me maybe we can bring her home today, depending on her condition when i go to visit her this evening.

  1. A speedy recovery for Momoy….

    P.S.: I just threw up my lunch.

  2. azian9100 says:

    How is she now??

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