Pyometra in Cat : Momoy

Posted: November 6, 2008 in The Purrrrs
Our first kitty, Momoy

Our first kitty, Momoy

Our 13-months old Momoy had her first contraceptive jab on May 2008. That time, she was 7-months old.

In the mid of July 2008, Momoy showed some sickness symptoms. She had diarrhoea, vomit, lost her appetite, and her stomach was hard. And there was some discharge from her private parts.

We took her to our regular vet, Dr P. Dr P said maybe Momoy had eaten something poisonous. So he gave some jabs, and anti-diarrhoea medicine and charcoal.

But after a week, her condition didn’t get better, so we brought her to Dr P again. This time, Dr P suspected Momoy having an enterhitis. He said there was discharge coming from her anal. So he gave another jab, said it is for her liver. But after that, Momoy was constipated, she can’t pass stool for 4 days, distended stomach and everytime we touch her stomach, she cried loud. Dr P gave 2 types of tablet, including laxative to soothe her bloated stomach. We have to monitor Momoy from time to time. Everytime she can’t pass stool, we’ll give her both tablets.


Look at her distended stomach. All this time we tought she is obese 😦

Now, after a few months, she never shows any sickness at all. But the brownish discharge still there. And she’ll cries when we try to hold her. So last week, we took her to a young vet, Dr T.

Can u see the the brownish discharge from this photo?

Can u see the the brownish discharge from this photo?

After diagnostic, Dr T confirmed me that Momoy is pyometra positive!! And the fluid was discharged from her vulva, not her anus! What a shock! 😯 Dr T said maybe it was the side effect of the contraceptive jab she was taken earlier. And Dr T said we must remove her ovary as soon as possible (spay her) to stop her suffer 😥

She spends most of her time laying like this.. And she loves being alone, hates to be disturbed

She spends most of her time laying like this.. And she loves being alone, hate to be disturbed

Momoy was schedule to have her spay on this Sunday, 9 Nov 2008. Please pray for her… We’ll keep u guys update and i hope i can get some photo of he during the surgery..

Please pray for Momoy...

Please pray for Momoy...

  1. furrybutts says:

    Poor girl, we’ll be praying for her to get through the surgery safely and to recover quickly.

  2. What a rough time Momoy has had! We hope the surgery goes well and she has a good recovery.

  3. Gabriella says:

    Fingers crossed for the operation…my sister’s cat, Pistri, got the same, but luckily the vet recognised the symptoms immediately. A year later, all is well. May Momoy go through surgery with flying colours!!

  4. I believe surgery of any sort on cats and dogs are generally lower risk compared to rabbits. How is Momoy now? Hope she have a speedy recovery. She is one beautiful meow. I like her color.

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