Cinchan the Civet Cat

Posted: November 4, 2008 in The Purrrrs

This is Cinchan, a female palm civet cat

This is Cinchan, a female palm civet cat

This is Cinchan, a palm civet cat.

In Malaysia, civet cats are one of the endangered species and strictly protected by the local authority – Department of Wildlife & National Parks Malaysia.

Mr Am found Cinchan injured and caged in a plantation near his construction site. We brought her home.


This is the picture of me holding Cinchan. That time, she was much younger and fierce too. Be careful everybody. She can makes u lost your finger! 😛

Cinchan only eats local fruits and some slice of boiled chicken. Her favourite fruits are mango, papaya, banana, watermelon, honeydew, and rambutans. And her most favourite is durian, also known as King of Fruits in Malaysia. She loves fresh milk, and some treats like cookies and nuts.

Her outing-hours..

Her outing-hours..

We kept her for many months and tried to tame her. But a wild creature like her is hard to tame. She bite me a few times while i was feeding her. She also caused some damage to our home, especially our small pets. And believe or not, Momoy lost half of her long tail bcoz of Cinchan :OMG:

So after a few months trying, we decided to let her go.

A journey home..

A journey home..

This is not her luggage.. She's the luggage!

This is not her luggage.. She's the luggage!

I still remembered the day. We went to the same plantation we found her to set her free.

Soon after we opened the cage’s door, she walked on the cage, looking at us, and slowly stepped backward. A few minutes later, she ran towards a small hill, stopped for a while, looked at us, then continue running.

She's trying to bring her luggage with her :LOL:

It was kinda heavy-hearted actually bcoz we kept her since was much smaller. But for her own sake and to protect her species, i think we have done the best by freed her. Hope she already found her life partner and build a big family by now 😀

Live free, Cinchan..!!

  1. furrybutts says:

    Have a good life in the wilderness, Cinchan!

    P/S: I couldn’t recognise you in that picture 😀 Maybe it’s cost your bangs had grown out when I met you..

  2. thefluffies says:

    Hmm.. i think because my face keep changing.. base on the season… and my current weight.. ha ha ha.. err.. is that means i looked younger or older when u met me? 😛

  3. A little baby civet came to my house once. Let it go in the forest reserve too. Cute chinchan. But they are so fierce!

  4. It must have been hard to see her go, but was obviously for the best. It was good that you helped her.

  5. annod44 says:

    Those cats have become famous because they eat coffee beans and poop them out. Those processed coffee beans are almost worth their weight in gold. Never tried it.

  6. I think this is a Civet Cat, yet another victim of Kiki. Kiki had her teeth sunken deep into the civet cat’s neck..

  7. soozmct says:

    Well done! Good to read this morning. And I learned something about these unusual (unusual to me- I’m in Australia) animals.

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